Life Lately #10

This year, we decided to go a little overboard on our “Trick or Treat” treats. Instead of the usual “supot-supot” like we did last year, we packed the treats on this cutesy diy paper bag. We made use of the scratch papers in our office, printed some halloween smileys and happy halloween greetings, cut and pasted.

It took us last minute to come up with this decision. The outcome is perf.

A for extra effort

Life At 33

I woke up late at night to the sound of my phone. Birthday messages started the minute the clock hit midnight. My 33rd year of life has officially began.

Mom stayed up late to greet me, “Anak happy happy birthday hahaha 33 na ang anak ko.” I do not know if I am happy or scorned by my mom’s greeting. Thanks Mom!

Today, I am another year older. BUT I am still feeling 22 (just kidding). This year has been truly a blessing for me. I got to travel (Banaue-Sagada-Baguio and Cebu to name some) and enjoy the company of good friends.

To celebrate my birthday, my sister and I went to Chef Laudico. I am quite surprised. I didn’t even notice it coming. Thank you dear sister.

{Weekend Escape} Touchdown Cebu Day 1

Touchdown CEBU! I don’t know what to expect since it is our first time in the province. Everyone who has been to Cebu has been raving about the whole experience. At long last, after 9 months… Our first trip out of Manila all together and complete.

NikkaShem.comOutside View

The trip took about an hour (MNL-CEB). I didn’t even notice the time because I was caught up taking snaps of the outside view.

NikkaShem.comWaiting for our bags
NikkaShem.comOur first stop, Comfort Room

We arrived past 2pm. From airport, we headed straight to our lodging, The Tropical Hostel/Cebu Budget Hotel (1571 2nd Floor Building 2, M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City). We were welcomed with a warm greeting.

Hello Amaia Mandaue

That night, I envisioned the amount of booze we will drink and the seafood we will eat. But we were excessively drained, making it impossible to explore the city that night.

Life Lately #7

I finally got a chance to check out Niu by Vikings a few weeks ago with my sister and mom. We were supposed to be celebrating my sister’s birthday at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Buffet Restaurant but we didn’t. I am glad we chose Niu by Vikings over Chef Lau’s.

{Weekend Snapshots} A Day Spent House Tripping

Lancaster New City Cavite

Looking for a house is no joke. I wish it was as simple as selecting from a list or shopping in a supermarket. Welcome to the grown-up world indeed.

Terra Verde Residences at Carmona, Cavite

Recently, we have been hopping from property to property looking for possible location/place of our home for the next decade. Thanks Ate Armi Gayle for being so accommodating.

One of our objectives this year is to save and/or get the opportunity to purchase a house. We have been leasing an apartment for few years since we moved out of our folks. In spite of the fact that, leasing is a reasonable option, however once you have taken in its detriments, owning/purchasing a house can be significantly more less expensive. As of this moment, we are paying generally around Php8,000.00 a month including the utilities. Imagine the amount we will save once we get to have our own house. Meanwhile, ipon-ipon muna sa ngayon for the reservations, up front installments and everything.

Our first stop is Terraverde Residences in Carmona, Cavite. What makes it perfect is that it connects two major highways: South Expressway and Aguinaldo Highway and it is located along Governor’s Drive. Imagine the accessibility to transportation. Isang kembot lang highway na.

I keep reminding myself to remain positive and we will in the end get the right house we have been wanting.

{Life Lately} When in Alaminos, Pangasinan

I recently took a quick break from the city to enjoy some fresh air and salty water in Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan. I had my fair share of sandy toes, sun burnt skin and salty hair. Thanks God for this another break from work. I am beyond happy for granting this unexpected travel. Thank you Ma'am Irele for tagging me along.

At first, I was really hesitant with the idea of doing a spontaneous travel. But looking through all of my trips, spontaneous trips were one of the best trips I ever had. Go lang ng go! You only live once, ika nga! I guess I am lucky to be surrounded with people with the same passion. I can finally strike out Hundred Islands in my Travel Bucket List. And I also got a chance to confirm if it is really ONE hundred islands. YES, it is 100++ islands and islets.

With so much more to see, the whole day isn't enough. Although, our visit was short, it was worth every second.

If you are looking for a trip that is not costly and would fit your budget perfectly, Hundred Island is the place to be sa abot kayang halagang ₱2,000.00.

{Weekend Snapshots} Rainy La Union

And I am back with an episode of Weekend Snapshots. It took me a while to decide what to do with these photos. Instead of letting it sit and eat up my memory space, why not share it and give it another space here aside from my instagram account (@nikkashem). Blog is a wonderful place for sharing.

My sister and her colleagues went up north last week at San Juan, La Union to vent out stressful life in the city and enjoy the heat of the sun. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t show up on the first day of their stay. Rather than grumble, they had a pleasant time lounging while drinking.

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

I love the entire vibe of the place. Perfect for another beach vacation and another place to stay for the weekend. She promised to take me there this July and experience the fun.

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

I will surely enjoy the atmosphere here. Relaxed and calm.

Photo by Judy Anne

Photo by Judy Anne

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

4 Go-to Excuses To Help You Get Out of Any Plans

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse. – Jim Rohn

I am known for being the “kaladkarin” in our group. I would love to join every  “lakad” my friends and office mates have. I would never turn down an invitation. It bothers me to turn someone down. However, I can’t always say “yes” every time my friends want to make plans. I can get away with honesty to few close friends. But for anyone else, I am obliged to come up with a better excuse for they will never understand me. No is just a small word, but it holds so much power. The hardest thing wasn’t declining offers, it is wondering what to do when everyone else is out.

Image not mine

It has always been wrong to decline with an excuse. Knowing how to decline helps avoid hurt feelings. But it is perfectly fine to say,

  1. You have other plans for that particular time. You don’t have to explain any further. Otherwise, it will sound like you are trying to come up with excuses.
  2. You feel tired and exhausted. You are taking the time of and badly need a quiet time.
  3. You just can’t afford it. This is the main reason why I can’t join them and why I love staying more at home. It is embarrassing. But it is just not in the budget right now.
  4. Or just tell them the truth. If they are true friends, they will understand whatever reason you really have. You don’t have to come up with another reason just to cover up.

You don’t want to, is more than enough reason in itself. Voicing what you really have in mind need no excuses. Declining an invitation doesn’t mean rejecting that person or group.

Mumuso Korea Mini Haul

And I am back with another Mumuso Korea haul. Just few items I need in my life now: a new scent and a new pair of socks. I got these items yesterday on my way home. I can’t help but enter the Mumuso Korea store again and pick some items.

In today’s haul, I got (2) items. Yes, just two. Here are the items that I got: Royal Perfume in Red (₱99.00), and men’s socks (₱99.00).

I limit myself into buying lots of stuff. A 2 or 3 may do. But more than that? Absolutely nah. The next time, I will get myself some beauty products to try on. I’ve read amazing reviews on facial mask, toner, moisturizer and serum and bet, it really do wonders on oily skin.

Mumuso Korea

Mumuso Korea

Mumuso Korea

These two (2) were my favorites among my purchases in Mumuso Korea. I love how amazing the smell is.

Have you gotten anything from Mumuso Korea yet? I’d like to know! Please feel free to share it with me in the comments section below.

Hey, Nikka

Over years, I have been seeing the same I don’t need one more year to come, appearing to be identical. I need something new. I have been wearing the same theme I figured to alter at some point in 2011. Much obliged Castiel Theme. From that point forward, I never had room schedule-wise to change my blog’s theme again. 5 years is sufficiently long. I am considering changing the look of my blog. In any case, I like it simple, minimal and section wide subject like Castiel Theme.

I have not thought of a title yet that will speak to me as me. Perhaps, I will simply join the temporary fad.. Hello, Nikka Shem.

Aside from changing the look, I needed to move from another blogging platform; however, I am as yet undecided on that. I have not discovered one that could influence me to leave the Tumblr Community. I am torn in the middle of WordPress and Blogger. I am as yet measuring its advantages and disadvantages. You know me with regards to blogging. I need an easy to use and not convoluted ones but rather I require further developed control and customization choices than Tumblr need to offer.

Updated as of July 2017: Hello World to be sure. I at long last figured out how to import every one of my presents on wordpress. Thanks for the easy migration