About Me


Greetings from the vibrant, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy Nueva Vizcaya!

I am Nikka Shem, your System and Application Engineer by day, and life enthusiast by night. When I am not busy, I am enjoying the little things—like whether it is hanging out with loved ones or treating myself to the things that make me smile.

Welcome to NikkaShem.com

NikkaShem.com isn’t just another blog—it’s my personal playground where thoughts, opinions, and life’s escapades collide in a beautiful mess. This is my happy place, where I break free from the daily grind and share my musings with all you.

Dive into my world, where misadventures turn into tales worth telling, and every wander leads to a story. Through my words, I hope to sprinkle some insights from my journey, spark meaningful conversations, and maybe even share a laugh or two.

Join Me on the Journey

Let’s embark on a journey filled with laughs, discoveries, and those “what was she thinking?” moments. Each post is an invitation to dive deeper into my life and come out the other side with a smile, some newfound wisdom, and a belly laugh.

Let’s make this journey unforgettable, one quirky adventure at a time.

Come on, the fun is just getting started!