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    My Home Office Setup

    It has been five months since I have been working from home. I think there is no way we would get back to normal this soon. Only God knows. Though I have managed in the past months working on my bed, working 8-10 hours a day is really tiresome. I figured, after months into quarantine, that I should start investing on a home office to help me lessen the back pain I am starting to feel and be more productive. I was really hesitant to set up my home office; since I had to prioritize other things first. It is no joke to set up a home office especially in this kind of situation where your salary is reduced. Money does not grow on trees.

    Desk (San-Yang, P1,250), Ergonomic Chair (Ergodynamic, P1,069), Desk Lamp (Meebo , P499 ),
    Laptop Stand (Goojodoq, P580), Wireless Mouse (Logitech, P699)

    I put a lot of thought in finding the best and the cheapest that would fit for work, my finances and my studio unit. I live in a tiny studio unit, where the space is very limited. I have to make room for the desk and the chair.


    I have lots of options for office tables, but this one caught my eye. This is the most ideal work desk that covers a very minimal space. Perfect for my tiny unit. Aside from the very accessible price, I love that it has a foot rest and a sliding keyboard tray. Plus, it is easy to clean and move around.

    Ergonomic Chair

    A comfortable chair is the most essential piece for a home office. I chose a simple ergonomic chair so I could adjust the height and tilt the back rest to my liking. Sitting for long periods a day without proper back support can lead to discomfort. With this chair, I feel really comfortable and stable while working. It does come with a 30-day return policy and 3-month warranty on the mechanical parts.

    Desk Lamp c/w Bulb

    There are times that I choose to work at night. Fact: I prefer working at night. A well-lit workspace can brighten the room, and have a positive impact on my mood. I opted for a red desk lamp to add color on my boring desk and shed some light on my workspace.

    Laptop Stand

    A laptop stand elevates our laptop to perfect eye-level, based on our actual need, correcting our posture and minimizing neck fatigue and spinal problem. I makes work a lot easier. The design also offers greater ventilation and more airflow to cool the laptop and prevent from overheating and crashes.

    Wireless Mouse

    Completing my desk setup with a wireless mouse. Go wireless, if you want to get rid of unnecessary cords and clutter in your desk.

    I am happy with my home office setup. Putting together a home office setup can be tough. The journey was not easy but I gradually achieved the minimalist office home set up that I dreamed of. My desk made such a huge difference from working on the bed.

    Next on my list: Wireless keyboard, headphones/earbuds, gaming mat, digital desk clock, mobile phone stand, and cable organizer.