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    40 Before 40

    I am not sure how it happened so fast. It has been a month since I turned 39. In less than a year, I will be FORTY. And not even far enough in life.

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    Honestly speaking, I could not be more excited. It cannot be avoided. That is life.

    Life begins at 40, they say.

    But before I turn that age, I want to accomplish things that I felt I should have done in my twenties. I want to complete at least a handful of these before I reach it.

    I have been meaning to write this list for a while now, but I always got distracted. But I am determined to make it happen. I know it is going to be exciting.

    40 things in less than a year is a lot, but I will try my best ticking most before I am 40 or even 50. This is all about having fun chasing dreams.

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    Here are my 40 goals before I turn 40.

    1. Travel somewhere SOLO. I have wanted to travel alone, but I lack the bravery to do it. I am scared and excited by it at the same time.
    2. Book a photoshoot session.
    3. Take a road trip. I started driving this year. I am just waiting for the right time drive away.
    4. Celebrate New Year in a different province.
    5. Do a five-kilometer run. I have never attempted a marathon.
    6. Get in shape. Reduce my weight to 65kg and wear a bikini.
    7. Develop an exercise routine.
    8. Enjoy a spa day every now and then.
    9. Launch a YouTube Channel. Thinking of a niche. Maybe road trips? Let’s see about that.
    10. Try a short haircut. But not any short-er than previous year.
    11. Give my hair a lighter hue. My hair has never been colored in lighter shade. I always stay in the safe zone.
    12. Get rid of credit card debt. I have yet to pay off my credit card debt. Before I turn forty, hopefully.
    13. Have savings and also insurance. Money is very tight nowadays. I need to have a side hustle.
    14. Complete a 30 to 120-day “No Spend” challenge. No Shopee/Lazada and no FoodPanda, please!
    15. Build a capsule wardrobe. Find a style that works for me.
    16. Plan my 40th birthday with family.
    17. Buy/Get myself an amazing 40th birthday present.
    18. Write in my blog every single day.
    19. Ride a motorcycle. I recently learned to ride a motorcycle. I am glad I did. I am planning on having one. Let us see what the future will hold.
    20. Become a morning person. This is something I need to work on for the rest of my life because I am a night owl.

    Continue reading, we are only half way there.

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    Hello 2021

    Life is getting tougher and tougher nowadays. While others are almost back to their normal lives, here we are staying at home doing our part. Despite the trials we have gone through, I am grateful that we are continuing to resist.

    Because of the pandemic, I have learned many realizations in life. I have not been careful with my actions and decisions in recent years and only now do I realize their importance.

    This year:

    • I will be more careful about my decisions and actions in life
    • I will not get swayed or get encouraged by anyone
    • I will stick to my plans and goals
    • I will prioritize my needs, then next come
    • I will get in touch with the people I love
    • I will change my spending habits. 2020 has thrown a lot of money-wise decisions
    • I will get back to cooking and stick to home-cooked meals
    • I will support my family throughout the years

    Realization help you make better choices in the future.

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    Why I am Loving Work from Home Now

    I used to fantasize about working from home. I really do, but it changed when I started working from home. It is far different from what I pictured and read. I cannot think of a reason why we are not allowed to go home to our provinces and work from there. I assume that the province is safer than the city.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about what it is like to work from home. If you can remember my post, Why Work from Home is Not for Me. I have mentioned 4 reasons why it is not for me.

    Today, I am sharing why I am loving it, after months of settling into my home-office set-up and new routines of working from home.

    What is it about working from home that I am so taken with it right now?

    I am more rested. I do not have to get out of bed early to pack my lunch and get ready for work. I can spend less time getting ready for work. 35 minutes is plenty of time already.
    15 minutes (shower and getting dressed), 2 minutes (setting-up workspace), 18 minutes (preparing breakfast and coffee)

    I can sneak out and tend to personal business, like picking up my groceries, cooking my meal while attending a meeting, or chatting with my nephew.

    I can listen to loud music, use my headsets, and sing my heart out without worrying about anyone being disturbed. I do not mind them (my neighbors) anyway. They do not mind me either.

    I can focus on one task at a time. There is a less chance of distraction. No more unimportant meetings and interruptions from coworkers. Kidding! Read: How to Stay Focused

    The weather does not prevent me from working except when I am really under the weather.

    I can talk freely to myself. Hello, me! How is it going? You know how much I love talking to myself. We disagree most of the time. It is totally normal btw.

    I have the option of taking a midday break, aka power nap. The reason why I am unable to respond to your messages immediately during midday. That can wait till 1 pm, right?

    I can work on whatever clothes I decide to wear. Except for times when I need to attend meetings that need to have the camera turned on. Nothing like that seems to have happened as far as I remember.

    I can either work in my bed, in my home-office set-up, or elsewhere in my apartment.

    Everything I need is within reach, including food and drinks.

    I do not have to be sneaky anymore whenever I use the comfort room.

    No more office dramas and politics. Although, I miss office conversations sometimes.

    I do not get swayed by trying out a new drink or restaurant. I stick to what I already prepared for lunch and snacks.

    I can have my dance breaks instead of the normal stretching that I do in the office.

    And most of all, by staying and working from home, I am safe from communicable diseases (not just Covid-19) and getting sick will be far less common.

    What do you like best about working from home?

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    How to Celebrate a Happy Birthday Alone

    Spending your birthday alone can make you feel desolated and miserable, but this is not a bad thing at all. With the current situation, and the majority of us are still in quarantine, there is nothing wrong with going solo on our special day.

    So what if there is no one around on my birthday? It does not mean I cannot enjoy the special day alone. Even though my family and friends are miles away, there is no reason to celebrate birthdays alone when there is technology. What is the use of video calls, anyway?

    Sometimes, we need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy our time being ourselves. – Anonymous

    The best way to feel less solitary is by celebrating and having a great time. Our birthday comes only once a year, and we should not miss celebrating it even if we are alone. Whether it is birthdays or anniversaries, celebrations do not just stop during a worldwide pandemic. The pandemic took a great deal from us- our daily normal routine and even our jobs. Do not let it ruin our special day, as well.

    Here is how (I plan) to celebrate and enjoy (my) birthday alone while still being safe and healthy.

    Start the day by getting up early and giving thanks. There is no better way to start the day than by getting up early. This puts us in a good mood for the entire day. I am not a morning person, but I will try to wake up a little earlier on my birthday. I promise!

    Enliven my place, like hosting a big party with birthday banners and inflatables the day before my birthday to get into the party vibe. Waking up smiling, seeing your home decorated, is a pleasant feeling. For birthday banners and balloons, check out happydayph at Shopee. I received my orders a day after I placed my orders. That fast!

    Watch a live broadcast of the Mass. Since my birthday falls on a Sunday and public masses are still suspended, watching Mass online is one way of staying connected with the parish and the church. Thank God for technology!

    Treat myself to a delicious meal. Who does not love good food? For lunch, I will cook Pinaupong Manok, and for dinner, just Pesto Pasta. Or better yet, order via Grab Food/FoodPanda.

    What is a celebration without a cake? So what if no one brings me cake this time? I can get it at any rate. Buy that cake I have been looking forward to tasting. I love the minimalist cakes of Wadough’s and Aegyo Cakes. I could have secured a slot on my birthday if only I inquired earlier. All August slots are already taken as early as July. I still have Mary Grace Cheesecakes in my options, anyway.

    Binge a new series (not necessarily a new series) while having cocktails. I am planning to start watching “The 100″ on my birthday. I have not seen that post-apocalyptic fiction drama yet. There are lots of TV shows on Netflix. I bet it is well worth a watch because it is highly recommended by the Netflix Community. And yes, having cocktails while binge watching.

    Lockdown is only temporary. When this is over, there will be a time to celebrate with our loved ones. Plan a great party or trip for when everything is over. Or just begin to think about next year’s party celebration.

    Before the clock meets 12, write about things I am thankful for  or anything that I would like to remember about my birthday in my journal.

    Missing my family and being sad on my birthday is really OKAY. I realize that it is not as bad as what others are dealing with. I know I am not alone in this fight.

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    {Adulting} How to Not Waste Your 13th-Month Pay

    As Christmas season kicks off, nothing better excites me than my 13th-month pay. The 13th-month pay is something that I was looking forward to. I recently received my 13th-month pay. In the past years, I plan on the things I wanted to buy. I spend my pay lavishly treating myself with new gadgets and buying presents for family, godchildren, and friends. I know I am not supposed to spend all of it, but that is the only time I can take advantage without sacrificing other obligations. I cannot help but reminisce those years.

    Am I using my pay wisely? The wisest are the ones who take their 13th-month pay as a chance. I have not thought of that until recently that I struggle financially. My savings were not enough to save me. I am a generous giver, but this time I need to help my self first. The best gift I can give myself is a peace of mind knowing that I plan to secure my future.

    It is very tempting to spend, especially during this holiday season. But it does not have to be that way this year. Why waste my 13th-month pay if I can spend it on more important things.

    Before fully spending,

    Plan on how to use it.

    Set a clear percentage for savings, debt payments, and investments, among others. Allocate at least 20% on savings and 50% on debt. It is also necessary to have a portion spent on leisure;  we have worked extremely hard for a year-round.

    Pay off debts.

    Remember that interest rates are skyrocketing- 3.5% a month for credit cards. Debt is one of the major roadblocks to financial freedom. It is now the best time to settle all dues. Although it is not enough to clear up all the debts, it may reduce the interest.

    Save for now if you are still undecided.

    The smart way to manage money is to set up a savings account and decide what to do later.

    Spend according to priority.

    It should be a personal decision, a well thought decision. You decide which ones are so important and should become a top priority.

    Put your money where you feel it is going to serve you best. Think carefully and decide on what to do with it. Make sure not to splurge. What you do with your money defines you in the future. Remember to always save and invest for the future.