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    Online Grocery Shopping Tips

    Because of the current situation, I find it hard to get the groceries I need. I cannot stand the long lines of people outside the supermarket. The last time we went on grocery shopping, it took us 4-hours to get inside the supermarket. My legs hurt from standing for so long. I wonder how sales ladies can stay that long.

    Since I run low on food supplies and avoid trips to the grocery, I decided to take advantage of the online grocery stores such as MetroMart, Walter Mart, and Puregold to supply everything I need. Opting for their delivery services might be better right now. It is like going to the grocery store in the comfort of your home without stepping outside. But to no end, delivery slots and even pick-ups are so tight. I have to check now and then for slots to open.

    I ended up picking LazMart again to replenish my pantry. While they have a large variety of dry goods, they don not have fresh produce, frozen foods, and dairy items, unlike the online grocery store I have mentioned above.

    If you have not tried online grocery shopping yet, below are tips to make your shopping easy-peasy, cost-effective, and safe.

    Have your list ready

    Since we are on a limited budget, it is essential to know what to buy. Plan your meals and snacks for the entire week or two, purchase only what is on the menu. Make sure that it can last at least a couple of weeks. To ensure that you did not miss something, try to group your items into categories.

    Be Ready for a Substitute

    Most of their items sell out fast. Most brands also are not available. Just in case it is sold out or not available, check for other options. Now is an excellent time to be flexible. When choosing a substitute, be mindful of the price since you would not want to overspend.

    Buy in Bulk

    If buying in bulk can save cash, you can buy it in bulk. Just avoid buying on impulse. Shopping products in bulk is better as they would be delivered straight to your home, no heavy carrying is required. Speaking of no heavy carrying, I also purchase my rice and favorite drinks online.

    Order your groceries at least two days before

    Keep that in mind. Since most online groceries face high demand in orders, distribution delays may occur. LazMart never failed to amaze me. I always have my groceries 5 days earlier than their estimated delivery date.

    Do not wait until the last minute

    Most items sold out fast and became unavailable. If you are done with your list, check out and pay. Do not wait for things to replenish. This is what I have recently learned.

    Avoid delivery fees when you can

    Check for vouchers, discounts, or promo codes. LazMart offers free delivery when you spend at least P2,500.00 on your order.

    Use contact-less delivery

    Keep a safe distance from the courier when receiving your groceries. Maintain the 1-meter distance from one another.

    Wash/Disinfect packaging

    Before storing, wash/disinfect with alcohol, the packets and containers that come with the groceries. Groceries may have traces of other people’s hands when they collect and carry.

    Do not forget to wash your hand thoroughly after you store your groceries. Are you considering ordering your groceries online?

    *This is not a sponsored post.