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    How I Celebrated My Birthday

    I celebrated yet another birthday “alone.” Yes, I am once again alone on my birthday. I still can not believe we are under lockdown. I know that for some, celebrating alone might be strange and lonely, but for me, it is a nice experience, despite the fact that my options are quite restricted to staying at home and celebrating alone.

    I was determined to make this year’s celebration even more memorable than the previous year. Apart from the fact that it was my first time celebrating it alone and chronicling it on my blog, there was nothing special or extravagant about last year. Check out my post, How I Celebrated My Birthday.

    Insomnia hit once more, as it always does. I was awake when my phone chimed. My mom sent me a greeting. She either gets up extremely early or waits until 12 m.n. I absolutely love you, Mom!

    My phone chimed again just as I was about to go to sleep. My sister wished me a happy birthday as well.

    Then, I dozed off.

    I woke up early and began preparing for work. I would have requested a personal leave, but I decided against it since I will be working from home. It is OK to get a few things done on my to-do list this week.

    I was expecting a video call from my family before I started working. You know how much I love that my family calls me first thing in the morning on my birthday. Unfortunately, they were unable to contact me in the morning due to an unforeseen power outage in our town. What is going on, Nuvelco?

    Greetings were sent out over Facebook, Messenger, and Viber. It is amazing how messages started pouring in as soon as Janice, my closest friend at work, wished me a happy birthday in our Viber group. Thank you, team! I enjoyed your well wishes.

    I am actually undecided about what to get myself this year. I enjoyed last year’s cake, but it was rather pricey. So I sought another option and discovered that Boulangerie22 was offering a great deal. In addition, I ordered rice and beef bulgogi. I also got myself Army Navy’s famous LiberTea, Salted Caramel and Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The glass mason jar astonished me. I can always reuse it at home for making my own drinks.

    At about 3 p.m., I lit my birthday candle and sang a birthday song. Singing had me a little teary-eyed.

    Happy Birthday, Self!

    After that, I called my family and sent them photos.

    I really had a great time celebrating and eating. Because of the outpouring of greetings, I decided to treat my family and close friends for a low-key meal.

    How do you usually celebrate your birthday? I would like to know.

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    Things I Am Thankful This 2020

    Many things happened in 2020 that were not expected. Who would have thought that this pandemic would last for several months? I thought in a month or two, things would get better, but it did not. The pandemic brought us a lot of learning. Gladly, I still have work and I am working from home. My sister got back to being a nurse. My nephew turned one. Dad passed away. Typhoon Ulysses hit us and left a great impact. And so on.

    God is good.

    Even though I was discouraged by the time Daddy left us, He never left me. I have learned to accept the fate that daddy is gone and he is now in good hands. He had suffered enough. He did the best that he could.

    Life is unpredictable. It changes along with every individual. Today you have and tomorrow you may not have. Be thankful for the good that stays with you. – Rashida Rowe

    I am thankful to my family, especially my mom. Do not give up. We can do this. Keep believing and trusting. I know we can overcome all the trials we face today.

    To my sister and BIL, hang in there. The best is yet to come. We are all in this together.

    To my nephew, you are amazing. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the family.

    I am beyond grateful to my relatives. You are truly a blessing to us. We will never forget the tireless support, especially in times of distress. Thank you for extending your arm when we needed a hand.

    I am thankful for having good company and good colleagues. I am happy with the help I have received since day 1. Thank you for your usual support.

    Thank you, thank you, everyone.

    Most of all, thank you self for not giving up and for striving hard in these trying times. I am so proud of you. Always take good care of yourself.

    Just keep going.

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    How I Celebrated My Birthday

    Things did not go as planned. But everything turned out well. This birthday is the most memorable birthday I ever have. Never did I imagine myself celebrating my birthday alone. But hell yeah! I managed and loved the idea.

    My insomnia hit me. I was up till 6am watching Netflix movies, tossing and turning in my bed. Mom called me the minute I was about to shut off my eyes. My nephew was looking for me. I heard him saying Chicha, Tatata in the background. My nephew was not grumpy that morning. He was just looking at me, smiling, and giggling while feeding on milk. What a wonderful sight to start my day. Then we both fell asleep.

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    I woke up past lunch time, checking on birthday messages. I immediately get up and prepare for lunch. I decided to cook Pesto Pasta instead of what I planned.

    I almost forgot the cake. I ordered Mary Grace Cheesecake thru FoodPanda. I rely mostly on FoodPanda these days.

    By 3 p.m., I decided to lit my birthday candle and sing myself a birthday song. It was the saddest out of tune birthday song.

    Happy Birthday, Self!

    While I obviously miss my family and friends, I enjoyed the day so much more than usual. It was my first time celebrating my birthday alone. My birthday turned out great. I was able to actually appreciate life.