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    How to Stay Focused

    “Where was I again?”, I often ask myself this question after getting distracted. My attention span is very short. I find it hard to focus on almost everything. It quite gets annoying when I am often troubled by distractions. The more I am interrupted, the more I lose concentration. And when I get back… I have no idea where I left off.

    How do people manage to stay on track all day? We live in a world that is full of distractions. Like today, the stubborn me kicked in. Instead of working, I am doing rounds on my blog, trying to write my thoughts on how to focus. It is past 7 pm anyway.

    How does someone like me, who has a limited span, focus? Here is how I do it.

    Arrange My Workspace

    Keeping our workspace tidy has a huge impact on keeping our focus. A cluttered desk is distracting most of the time. What I do, before I begin to work, I make sure that all is tidy and within my reach: my food and drinks. So I do not have to stand up to get a food/drink in case I get hungry/thirsty.

    Create a Task List

    It became my habit to make a to-do list before I start to work, clock out, and go to bed. I list it based on their importance and due dates. Every time I slash out a task, I get motivated to finish everything.

    There are times I had to switch from one task to another. Switching tasks makes my brain stay alert sometimes. Oftentimes, it (multi-tasking) is not effective for me. More pending tasks are happening.

    Play Some Music

    Listening to music could calm my troubled mind and improve my performance. It even makes a boring task more fun.

    I listen to the classics: cellos and violins when I am feeling troubled. I switch to rock music when I am bored. When you see me wearing my headphones, I am either trying to focus or I am bored.

    Work Offline

    To be able to stay focused and get my work done ahead of time, I limit the use of my phone. I normally put it aside and focus on work. Notifications easily diverted me away from what I am doing. Switching it on silent mode can also make a big difference.

    Take Mental Breaks

    The best thing to do when you cannot focus anymore is to take short breaks. Taking a short break allows our mind to refresh or reset. Our brain is not capable of working full 3 hours straight. Here is why I have my hourly alarm set even though I am at work. I am training myself to focus on a task for 45 -50 minutes then 10 minutes computer-free break.

    When you see me stepping away from my desk stretching, I am taking my mental break seriously.

    Distractions are everywhere. Staying focused is not an easy task. Following these can be daunting at first, but with determination and dedication, we will improve our focus.

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    Things I am Thankful This 2020

    Many things happened in 2020 that were not expected. Who would have thought that this pandemic would last for several months? I thought in a month or two, things will get better but it did not. The pandemic brought us a lot of learning. Glad, I still have work and I am working from home. My sister gets back to being a nurse. My nephew turned one. Dad passed away. Typhoon Ulysses hit us and left a great impact. And so on.

    God is good.

    Even though I was discouraged by the time Daddy left us, He never left me. I have learned to accept the fate that daddy is gone and he is now good hands. He suffered enough. He did the best that he could.

    Life is unpredictable, it changes along with every individual. Today you have and tomorrow you may not have, be thankful for the good that stays with you. – Rashida Rowe

    I am thankful for my family, especially to my mom. Don’t give up. We can do this. Keep believing and trusting. I know we can overcome all the trials we face today.

    To my sister and BIL, hang in there. The best is yet to come. We are all in this together.

    To my nephew, you are amazing. Thank you for bringing much joy to the family.

    I am beyond grateful to my relatives. You are truly a blessing to us. We will never forget the tireless support especially in times of distress. Thank you for extending an arm when we needed a hand.

    I am thankful for having good company and good colleagues. I am happy with the help I have received since day 1. Thank you for your usual support.

    Thank you, thank you, everyone.

    Most of all, thank you self for not giving up and for striving hard in these trying times. I am so proud of you. Always take good care of yourself.

    Just keep going.

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    How I Celebrated My Birthday

    Things did not go as planned. But everything turned out well. This birthday is the most memorable birthday I ever have. Never did I imagine myself celebrating my birthday alone. But hell yeah! I managed and loved the idea.

    My insomnia hit me. I was up till 6am watching Netflix movies, tossing and turning in my bed. Mom called me the minute I was about to shut off my eyes. My nephew was looking for me. I heard him saying Chicha, Tatata in the background. My nephew was not grumpy that morning. He was just looking at me, smiling, and giggling while feeding on milk. What a wonderful sight to start my day. Then we both fell asleep.

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    I woke up past lunch time, checking on birthday messages. I immediately get up and prepare for lunch. I decided to cook Pesto Pasta instead of what I planned.

    I almost forgot the cake. I ordered Mary Grace Cheesecake thru FoodPanda. I rely mostly on FoodPanda these days.

    By 3 pm, I decided to lit my birthday candle and sing myself a birthday song. It was the saddest out of tune birthday song.

    Happy Birthday, Self!

    While I obviously miss my family and friends, I enjoyed the day so much more than usual. It was my first time celebrating my birthday alone. My birthday turned out great. I was able to actually appreciate life.