• Random

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    Today, I experienced a little pang of sadness. I noticed that I had been removed from the Viber group, “Team Loxon.” It’s a small thing, but it hurt to see. Seeing myself no longer part of the group made it all feel very final.

    What made it a bit harder was that there weren’t any goodbyes. I know everyone is busy, and life moves on, but I guess I was hoping for a little farewell message or a simple “we will miss you.” It is natural to want some acknowledgment of the time and effort I put into the team.

    Despite the initial sting, I am trying to focus on the positives. It was a step I needed to take for myself, and I know there are new opportunities ahead. It is just a reminder that change, even when it is for the best, can sometimes come with a touch of sadness.

    I am grateful for the time I spent with Team Loxon. I learned a lot and made some good memories. Now, it’s time to look forward and embrace whatever comes next, even if the goodbyes were silent.

  • Random

    Yearning for Amazon Finds

    Today, I found myself browsing Amazon, and my fingers were itching to click that checkout button. If only I had the money, I would’ve already checked out everything in my cart. There are a few things I’ve been eyeing—like iPhone cases. Specifically, I want a transparent one, and a classy black one.

    Aside from phone cases, I’m also itching to get myself a Stalogy notebook. There’s something about starting fresh with a crisp, new notebook/journal that gets me excited about journaling my days. And of course, I can’t forget about pens! A good set of pens makes planning and note-taking so much more enjoyable.

    However, the reality is that I am currently without work. I’m hopeful that things will turn around soon. But for now, my shopping spree remains a daydream. I’ll have to hold off until my wallet agrees with my wishlist. Until then, I’ll keep adding items to my cart and imagining the day when I can finally hit that “Place Your Order” button without a second thought.

    Maybe soon I’ll find a way to treat myself to a few of these goodies. For now, I’ll just enjoy the anticipation and keep my fingers crossed for some extra cash to come my way. I’ll stay patient and keep my spirits high. I know that better days are ahead. Until then, I’ll enjoy the thrill of window shopping and planning for brighter times ahead.

  • Life Lately

    A Spontaneous Tuesday in Cary, NC

    Yesterday was one of those wonderful, unplanned days that end up being unforgettable. We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Downtown Cary Park, just a 20-minute drive from home. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly where we were heading, only that it was somewhere in Cary. As we drove into downtown, I couldn’t help but notice how much it reminded me of Wilmington with its charming streets and friendly atmosphere.

    We found a spot in the public parking area and headed straight to the park. It was absolutely beautiful – the kind of place that immediately puts you at ease. After a bit of exploring, we started to feel hungry. We stumbled upon a little stand and treated ourselves to some rose ice cream and coffee. The flavors were as delightful as they sound, and they gave us the perfect boost to continue our adventure.

    As we walked around the park, we discovered a lovely botanical garden. It was the perfect spot to rest for a while. My brother-in-law took a nap on a bench while my nephew and I roamed around, marveling at the beautiful plants and flowers.

    Around 5 PM, I asked my nephew if he wanted to check out the playground. He enthusiastically agreed, so we left his parents and my mom in the botanical garden and made our way to the playground. We had an absolute blast climbing, hurdling, and even taking turns on the slide. It felt great to let loose and have fun together.

    After a while, we heard my nephew’s dad calling his name – it was time to go. We reluctantly left the playground and regrouped with the family. Our day wasn’t over yet, though. We headed to a nearby Korean restaurant for dinner. The samgyupsal and hotpot were delicious and the perfect way to end our spontaneous outing.

    All in all, it was a fantastic day filled with laughter, relaxation, and quality family time. Sometimes, the best days are the ones you don’t plan at all.

  • Travels

    Day 4 of 4 States in 4-Days: Virginia

    Day 4 of our adventure began with a little extra snooze time—I must’ve needed it! I woke up feeling refreshed from a great night’s sleep. Breakfast was our usual eggs, but this time with a bonus—bacon! I was craving sausage, but no luck there.

    It was bittersweet knowing that today marked the end of our journey, a mix of contentment from the experiences we’d had and a touch of sadness that it was all coming to a close.

    Newport News, VA

    We started our day by exploring Victory Landing Park, we found ourselves momentarily lost before finding our path. Eventually, we found a spot to park, soaked in the sun and cool breeze and enjoyed the tranquil beauty around us. We stayed for about an hour, simply soaking in the beauty of the place. The distant calls of seabirds, and the peaceful atmosphere made it easy to lose track of time.

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Next up was Virginia Beach. The sun blazed down. We strolled along the boardwalk, taking in the sights. I wish we’d booked a room at one of the beachside inn we passed, so we could’ve taken a dip before heading out.

    We ended up at Ocean Eddies Seafood Restaurant for snacks, enjoying delicious calamares and a refreshing sundae. The calamares were perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside and tender inside, while the sundae was a delightful treat, a perfect way to cool down on such a hot day.

    As the day unfolded, I made time to pick up some souvenirs. Though I found a few lovely items, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should have ventured a bit further off to find something truly unique and special.

    Our adventure concluded with a grand buffet feast at Yukai Japanese & Seafood Buffet, where I indulged in sushi, salmon, oysters, shrimp, and more. As we savored each bite, I couldn’t help but reflect on the memories made and the bonds forged throughout our journey—a perfect ending to an unforgettable adventure, a day filled with joy, laughter, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and richness of our experiences.

  • Travels

    Day 3 of 4 States in 4-Days: Pennsylvania and D.C.

    Day 3 of the adventure started with a bit of a rough start—I ended up pulling an all-nighter thanks to the K-Drama “Queen of Tears.” Sleep finally caught up with me around 4am, only to be interrupted by my sister and my 4-year old nephew. Breakfast was a blur of sausage, eggs, and apple juice, the classic combo. I even attempted pancakes, but let’s just say they weren’t my finest culinary moment.

    But hey, today had something exciting in store.

    Hershey, PA

    Now, my relationship with chocolate is a bit like a rollercoaster—sometimes I am all in, other times it is a hard pass. But today was like a dream come true. You can imagine how happy I was. Every moment was delightful and filled with sweetness and joy. Stepping into Hershey’s Chocolate World, I expected a simple shopping spree, but my sister had other plans. We ended up on the adventure journey, though I suspect we weren’t on the same page about which tour to take. My nephew had a blast on the Candy Expedition.

    Despite the confusion, I managed to snag some adorable keychains, fridge magnets, and shot glasses, all carefully chosen with my workmates in mind. I can already picture their smiles when they see these souvenirs!

    Washington, DC

    As we drove into the capital, I couldn’t help but notice how scorching hot it was, despite the leafy canopy of trees lining the streets. I did feel hunger creeping up on me as we strolled along. All I wanted was to stay in the cool confines of the car, but duty called. Off we went, ready to explore the nation’s capital, even if it meant enduring a bit of heatstroke along the way. Waiting for the Circulator was bit of a drag. We waited nearly 45minutes for a dollar ride. Nothing beats exploring the city with good company. I was torn between wanting to soak in the sights and yearning for the sweet relief of air conditioning.

    Alexandria, VA

    Today’s adventure led us straight to Jollibee in Virginia. With 2-piece chicken and palabok on the table, we were ready for a taste of home. Despite missing out on my beloved sundae, the hearty portions of chicken made up for it, American-style! Every bite was a nostalgic journey, reminding us of the comforts of Filipino cuisine. Jollibee in Virginia isn’t just a restaurant—it’s a heartwarming reminder that home is wherever good food and good company come together.

    Sitting there with my uncle and mom, sharing stories and laughter over a delicious meal, I felt a deep sense of contentment. The familiar flavors and the warmth of the restaurant’s ambiance wrapped around us like a comforting hug. It was a beautiful reminder that, no matter how far we roam, the tastes and traditions of home are always there to bring us back to our roots.

    After a hearty meal at Jollibee, we made our way to Holiday Inn. Though the elevator felt a bit dated, the cozy atmosphere more than made up for it. I welcomed the comfort of our room and drifted off to sleep early, knowing that a good night’s rest awaited. Sometimes, the simple joys of a cozy inn are all you need to recharge for the adventures ahead.

    As I nestled into the soft, welcoming bed, I reflected on the day’s adventures, from the sweet delights of Hershey’s Chocolate World to the historical splendor of Washington, DC, and the comforting familiarity of Jollibee. It had been a day filled with little moments of joy and discovery, and now, with the promise of a peaceful night’s sleep, I felt ready to embrace whatever adventures tomorrow might bring.