Work from Home Burnout is Real

Since May began, I have been slacking off at work. All of the sudden, I was feeling down. I became weary replying to, what is the status of this project and have you checked on this? I went through the first week basically sticking to my bed and staring outside my window.

I have been doing the best that I can in the past months burning through eight or more hours everyday working at home. Work doesn’t end when the shift does. #WorkInQuarantine is really tough. I am overwhelmed by the demands, hazy about assigned tasks and confused about our current work from home situation.… Continue Reading

How to Save Money During Quarantine?

I have been monitoring my expenses since Day 1. Most of it is spent on rent, debts, and food. Yes, I haven’t gotten out of debt. I have been trying to manage my debt the best that I can so I can recover once the pandemic has passed. We don’t know how long this pandemic will last so now is the time to hold on to your money.

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With the bills piling up and poor cash flow, not all stuck at home are saving money. Like many others, I am wondering how to pay my bills and make my way through the financial crisis.… Continue Reading

What I Will Miss Most When Quarantine Ends

Last week, I wrote about the things I miss about normal life. Like quiet mornings, hugs and kisses, crowd of people and those times before the pandemic.

Things won’t quickly snap back to how it was before. A new normal will be the norm. COVID-19 changed how we live, work and play.

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It has been roughly a month and a half since we are enforced to stay-at-home. There aren’t any good things about being indoor all day. But certainly, I will miss these things when quarantine ends.

More Idle Time

After my post about WFH Tips from a First Timer, I was crazy having much free time.… Continue Reading