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    A Week Before the Quarantine

    March 9 (Monday)

    COVID-19 is spreading quickly. My cousin informed us about the community quarantine. I do not know where the details are coming from. He advised us to buy supplies worth a few weeks. I did not mind at first. But there is nothing wrong if I am going to stock up on food and essentials.

    I scanned my pantry and cleared out anything past its expiration.

    March 10 (Tuesday)

    I got up early. I made a rundown of what is left in my pantry and what to add. I rushed to the office as usual. I even stayed a little longer.

    March 11 (Wednesday)

    I have learned that the virus is sensitive to temperature. I am not really worried about COVID-19. We will make it.

    I booked a one-way trip going home on Holy Week. And check out the bag I have been eyeing lately. I am hitting two birds in one stone.

    March 12 (Thursday)

    PRRD addressed the public about COVID-19. He announced that NCR will be placed under community quarantine effective March 15. And will last until April 12. I talked to a few of my colleagues about my plans for going home. I really wanted to go back.

    March 13 (Friday)

    After work, I did a quick round in the supermarket. I bought a few essentials. People are panic buying, causing long queues in the supermarket. Alcohol, face masks, thermometers, and disinfectants flew off the shelves. There is a lot more to prepare than hoard alcohol and face masks.

    I ordered a few essentials through LazMart. Stocking up on dry goods: cup noodles, coffee, cereal, and canned goods.

    I have been informed that BOSH Training this Saturday is canceled.

    March 14 (Saturday)

    I dropped by 7-Eleven to buy breakfast, instant noodles, and a liter of juice. As usual, I hurried to work. Our team had a quick meeting about the quarantine. We are going to work by group. I have decided not to go home anymore.

    I later went to the bank to pay my apartment rent and went to the grocery to buy some more essentials, maximizing it only to 10 items. No, I am not panicking, really.

    March 15 (Sunday)

    I decided to clean my unit, change to clean sheets, and do the laundry. I wanted to go back to the grocery store to get a few more items, but I decided not to do that.

    I started to watch the “Kingdom.”

    How was your week before quarantine?

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    {Life Lately} When in Alaminos, Pangasinan

    We recently took a quick break from the city to enjoy some fresh air and salty water in Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan. I had my fair share of sandy toes, sunburnt skin, and salty hair. Thank God for allowing me to take a break from work. I was beyond happy granting this unexpected travel. Thank you, Ma’am Irele, for tagging me along.

    Spontaneous trips were one of the best trips I ever had.

    I was hesitant with the idea of making a spontaneous trip. But looking through all of my trips, spontaneous trips were one of the best trips I ever had. You have to go on with the flow. I guess I am lucky to be surrounded by people with the same passion, Travel.

    Since this was an impromptu trip, I never had a chance to do lots of preparation. I am so much intrigued about the islands and islets that made me wonder if it is really 100.

    Time to strike through Hundred Islands in my Travel Bucket List. Also, I got a chance to confirm if it is ONE hundred islands. YES, it is 100++ islands and islets.

    The whole day was not enough to explore with so much more to see. Although our visit was short, it was worth every second.

    If you are looking for a trip that is not costly and would fit your budget perfectly, Hundred Island is the place to be.

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    {Life Lately} When in Banaue-Sagada-Baguio

    I rarely talk about what happened to me lately. Since, I am running out of ideas again for blog posts. Here I am starting this Life Lately series. I hope I will be able to keep up this series.

    Last week is filled with Banaue-Sagada-Baguio travels with my officemates/friends/travel buddies to celebrate Ma’am Kath’s birthday.

    I experienced a lot of firsts on this trip.

    I had my first travel disappointment. On this trip, I planned to take boyfriend. Bags were packed and travel package/fees had been paid. And boy, boyfriend became suddenly sick and can no longer come. Php 2,360 is such a waste of money. Bye bye Php 2,360!

    Spelunking Sumaguing Cave was not that fun either. I had put so much effort into slipping our way down on the rocks. I should have worn sturdier sandals instead of the one I was wearing. But, it was a pretty first and probably my last caving experience.

    Our trek to Bomok-Od Falls was one of a kind. I pushed myself up to my limit for the first time. The payoff was not so great, but the experience is awesome. There were lots of tourists trying to get their photos everywhere. We cannot get a nicer view of the falls with lots people around.

    Read: {Lessons Learned} Trekking Bomok-Od Falls

    We surprised Ma’am Kath with a little unprepared birthday celebration. It was quite an impromptu— another first. But it was successful.

    I have not seen much of Sagada on our visit. I still have lots of things to strike out in my {Random Things} To Do in Sagada. I hope I can visit Sagada again anytime soon.