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{Why} I Love the Beach Even If I Can’t Swim

Yes, I cannot swim. And I mean it. People do not believe me when I tell them I cannot swim. Maybe because I love going to the beach and I look as though I can swim but I really cannot. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for not providing me swimming lessons when I was a kid.

There are more than hundreds of reasons why I always head to the beach even if I do not know how to swim. Life is better at the beach. However, it is more than just the sun, sand, and sea.

Great place to drink and to chill. Besides the beach, I love drinking – with sand between my toes, a stunning view in front of me, and the smell of the ocean – all add to the chilling factor of a beach destination.

The sound of the waves. The waves have a calming effect on me. There is no sound better than the sound of the waves on the beach.

Stunning view. I want to wake up seeing the beach and the palm trees. I bet I will never get bored of the view.

Awesome food. I am a big foodie. Being close to the beach means I got to enjoy fresh seafood. I love seafood. I would never get tired eating the same.

Something new to experience. It is a different world altogether when you are at the beach.

Enjoy basking in the heat of the sun. I always have a tan after all my vacations. The sun also provides breathtaking sunsets at the beach.

A great time to spend quality time with friends/family. A chance to be together without distractions. I have been with my sister twice. I should have taken her with me whenever I go to the beach.

A great place to unplug from technology. It feels good to relax without a computer, phone, and tablet for a few days. No connection! Just you, your friends, and the beach.

A chance to get away from stressful city life. I always crave for peace and tranquility. A trip to the beach is all I need to disconnect from everyday problems, stress, and a perfect setting to connect with nature.

Why do I love the beach? Let me count the ways.