{Goals} New Year, New Me 2016

I am waving good bye to 2015 and welcoming 2016 with a long list of This Year I will. I made goals instead of lists, New Year, New Me– goals which are so impossible to accomplish in a span of a year. In my case, it would take me forever. #mayforever. I have come up with lists I hope to accomplish, instead of coming up new set of goals to achieve.

  1. Wake up an hour earlier (6:00 a.m.) to work on my goals for the day. (Still working on it)
  2. Set up my Filofax. Bring back the habit of journaling/planning every day first thing in the morning.  (Still working on it)
  3. Plan for the weekend/holidays. Stay outdoors without spending much.  (Still working on it)
  4. Blog. Write 200 blog posts with not lower than 750 words on each post. Improve grammar and expand vocabulary.  (Still working on it)
  5. Monetize blog again. Increase network of friends. Socialize to increase blog traffic.
  6. Create a youtube video. (Nahhh!)
  7. Read lots of books. Finish 50 books in a year. (Does 20 K-dramas count?)
  8. Learn a new skill. Learn how to play the guitar.
  9. Spend alone time in spa. Meditate.
  10. Embrace fears. Sing out loud and own the floor.
  11. Get rid of clothes I don’t wear. Invest on new wardrobes. Buy tailored clothes.
  12. Start saving for future. Open a savings account. (Opened BPI Savings Account February 2016)
  13. Tour hometown. Bike around. Pretend to be a tourist. Take lots of photographs. And underwater pictures.
  14. Run around town while listening to loud music.  (Still working on it)
  15. Run a marathon. Participate in a color run.
  16. Release a paper lantern.
  17. Attend a festival. Go on a hot air balloon.
  18. Go parasailing, kayaking.
  19. Buy tickets for a random flight. (Bought a RT Manila-Cebu, August 2017)
  20. Be in two places at once.
  21. Climb a mountain. (Banaue-Sagada-Baguio, February 2017)
  22. Go on a cruise or a plane ride. (Flown to Palawan via Air Asia, August 2016)
  23. Travel to my dream location. (El Nido, Palawan with my sister, August 2016)
  24. Get fit and more defined body. Lessen eating pork and sweets.
  25. Organize an out of town with friends. (Banaue-Sagada-Baguio, February 2017)
  26. (Get drunk) and have a great night out with your best friends.
  27. Make your best friend’s dream come true.
  28. Learn a new language.
  29. Go to mass every Sunday.
  30. Get out of debt. Pay credit card debts. (Still working on it)
  31. Fulfill your resolutions for 2016.
  32. Follow your dreams.

What about you? What are your goals? your future plans?

*Updated: February 14, 2017

{Wedding Series} DIY Invitations

I simply love the idea of DIY invitation, not only to show ones creativity or create one-of-a-kind invites that guests won’t see anywhere else but also to save money. Professional invites ranges around Php 100 to Php 500++. Since I am tasked to design and make the invites, I let my sister and her husband to decide what they want in their invites. Invitations give the guest the first impression what the wedding is going to be.

I had a hard time choosing and pairing fonts. The key to a more professional and polished wedding invitation is to have a minimal font set of fonts.

Here’s a peak to my sister’s wedding invites.
Hey, Nikka
Hey, Nikka
Hey, Nikka
Hey, Nikka
Hey, Nikka
Hey, Nikka

{Challenge Accepted} Art in Island

Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island

I can’t imagine myself doing poses (stunts for some) in front of people waiting for their turn . I wasn’t born with that talent though I took some acting/drama classes way back high school. This isn’t my thing but I accepted every challenge (in my mind) and took courage to show some wackiness in me.

Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island

As for Herlene, she is such an inspiration. She can easily adapt to every painting/every theme. She can turn every painting into a real one. I admire her for that. She encouraged me to try it once and have my photo. I took the bait. But I really am shy. Konting pilit pa.

Art in Island
Art in Island
Art in Island
The first time I set foot, I was really amazed! Napa-WOW ako. Entrance fee is quite pricey but the experience is worth it. Thanks to Herlene for inviting me.

Art in Island is located at 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. According to my research, it is the largest 3D Art Museum in Asia. It is a two-storey museum covered with painting from floor to ceiling.

How to Dress Up That Gray Polo Shirt in Construction Site

Working as an Office Engineer is what I’ve always dream of. Never did I imagine myself working in a construction site with bunch of construction workers.

Construction sites are dangerous place. And dressing up would always be boring in a construction site. Worker’s attire is important as it is in a construction industry. In one of our project site, staff and workers should wear proper uniform (white long sleeve for workers and gray polo shirt for staff), denim pants free from holes and rips, safety shoes or boots and hard hat upon entrance. The exact dress code varies from site to site from staff to laborers.


{Gift Ideas} New Born Baby

Yesterday while I was out killing boredom, I decided to drop by SM Department Store and look for something for a baby girl, who is coming her way this February. Looking on the itsy, bitsy tiny little dresses, shoes and socks brought me joy and happiness and weirdness at the same time. If anyone knows me, they undeniably know me that I have passion for kids.

I was bit annoyed when the salesladies came my way and ask, “Para sa anak nyo? (For your child?)” Well, I don’t have a baby yet. I yelled inside my head. Why not ask something else like, “Can I help you?” I decided not to leave the place empty hand. Instead, I faced all their questions and went crazy picking several items. I am ashamed to admit how much time I spent deciding on what to buy. Finding inexpensive but durable baby clothing can be really difficult.

Next time, I will consider online shopping for my own convenience and to avoid those salesladies. Moving on, here are some of my favorite new born baby gift ideas.

  1. Fisher-Price Pacifier Holder with Silicone Ring (Blue) – P70.00
  2. Happy Baby I’m Here Waterproof Bib – P130.00
  3. Mother’s Choice Infant Rompers (White/Pink) – P175.00
  4. Enfant Baby Play Gym – P1425.00
  5. Precious Moments Musical Baby Basket (Pink) – P1499.00
  6. Baby 1st Baby Bath Tub (Pink) – P395.00

Any gift ideas you have in mind? Please share it in the comment section.

Here’s what I bought for Baby Jeizel Maecie and Baby Antonio Kzer.

Gift Ideas for New Born

Gift Ideas for New Born