Life as a Bedspacer

Living as a bed spacer has been our practical choice ever since college, and it’s been smooth sailing thanks to our wonderful landlady, landlord, boardmates, and friends. In the bustling city of Makati, my sister and I have called a cozy old house our home for about five years now. It’s nestled in a gated compound, boasting four decently-sized bedrooms, a solo room, a living area, kitchen, three bathrooms, six toilets, and a laundry space.

Though it’s not palatial, it’s spacious enough for us, especially compared to other options. Each bedroom is equipped with three double-decker beds, ensuring a maximum of five occupants to prevent overcrowding. Still, with the house being wooden, you can’t escape the occasional sensation of movement when someone’s walking around. It’s a small annoyance, especially for our sensitive new roomie, but nothing too serious.

What makes this place truly special is its convenience. It’s a stone’s throw away from both my workplace and my sister’s, with malls just a short ride away and plenty of eateries and churches within walking distance.

Sure, you could opt for a more lavish setup without limits or curfews, but for us, simplicity and practicality reign supreme. Besides, we’ve just found our next home sweet home, where we plan to settle in for the foreseeable future.

Life’s meant to be enjoyed, no matter the circumstances.