{Why} We are Finally Moving Out

It has been a month since my sister and I was looking for an apartment/studio unit/room around Makati accessible to our working place Mckinley Hill and Oranbo, Pasig. We still haven’t seen any around the area that meets our terms, including one-month deposit and one-month advance terms, doesn’t require any post-dated checks, guests are allowed, and so as pets and price range of Php 5,000 – 6,500.

We also consider the Valley fault lines. It must be a kilometer away from it. Many asked, why are we still moving out? Orense is very accessible and convenient, transportation, and almost all.

To answer that question, I listed it below.

We are moving out because:

  • My sister and I need a private place, and more space other than our bed and closet.
  • I have flexible working hour. My working hours could extend up to midnight. Having a curfew is a no-no. I do not mind waking up Kuya many times at night, but I still have a little shame.
  • Dad (even my sister’s boyf and my boyf) cannot visit and stay with us because of the strict policy, “No male visitors allowed.”
  • Mom even cannot stay longer because staying more days means paying more lodging.
  • We cannot invite friends to hangout or sleepover.
  • I miss cooking and working in the kitchen. The kitchen is crowded and so messy.
  • I miss watching soap operas and series on the television. Our landlord does not allow other appliances.
  • I cannot do my thing… workout, crafting, DIYs, etc.
  • Our roommate sings out of tune and loud.
  • Our new roommate is so sensitive. We will never be at ease. I can feel the pressure inside the room.