{Go or No} Calaguas

If you’re yearning for a dose of nature, craving beach bumming, island hopping, and seeking out new adventures amidst big waves, then this destination is a must-visit!

But, it’s a big no if you’re all about the nightlife or if you can’t fathom a day without electricity, decent restrooms, mobile communication, convenience stores, and the internet.

The idea of our February trip was born during a November brainstorming session among friends. We tossed around various destinations, from the lively shores of Boracay Island to the tranquil waters of Baretbet River, tucked away in our hometown. However, due to soaring airfare prices ā€“ from a reasonable Php 800 to a steep Php 3,100 per person ā€“ Boracay became a distant dream we couldn’t afford.

Nevertheless, in just a week, we’ll be embarking on an adventure to Calaguas. There, we’ll soak in the vast expanse of beach, listen to the soothing rhythm of the waves, feel the gentle sea breeze against our skin, stroll barefoot along the powdery white sand, and relish every moment of basking in the warm sun. I’m bursting with excitement at the thought of finally experiencing this highly acclaimed beach paradise.

Adding to the excitement, my sister will be joining us on this escapade. I’m hopeful she’ll find as much joy in the trip as we do. Though I can’t help but wonder if I’ll hear any complaints from her, given that staying in Calaguas is akin to participating in the Survivor TV series. With no mobile network connection on the island ā€“ or so they say ā€“ and its remote location, we’ll need to come prepared with our own food, drinking water, and essentials.

Despite the challenges, I’m ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to create lasting memories with my friends and sister amidst the natural beauty of Calaguas. Let the countdown begin!