{Go or No} Calaguas

GO, If you want to experience nature, beach bumming, island hopping, a new adventure, and big waves.

If you want to enjoy great outdoors.

If you can stand not being online during your whole stay.


And NO, if you are up for a night-life.

If you cannot last a day without electricity, decent restrooms, mobile communication, convenience store, and the internet.

It was November when my friends and I thought of going for a trip by February. Like in a conference, pitches were thrown from ambitious Boracay Island to low-key Baretbet River (which is in our hometown and at the back of our house). If only we booked our flight a little earlier, it would have been Boracay, Aklan. From an airfare of Php 800 it goes up to Php 3,100 per person. Imagine that? Nah, we cannot afford that.

In a week, we will be going to Calaguas and see the long stretch beach, hear the sound of the waves, feel the sea breeze, walk barefoot on its white sand and enjoy basking in the sun. I am excited. Finally, I will be able to see and experience first hand the highly raved beach attraction.

My sister will also be joining us. I hope she will enjoy our trip. I hope I would not hear any (complaints, or whatsoever) from her knowing that staying in Calaguas is like joining the Survivor in the TV series. There is no mobile network connection on the island. Some say there is. I hope so. The place is so remote, and we have to bring our food, drinking water, and essentials.