{How} Get Rid of that Smell in the Kitchen/Entire Room

Cooking up a storm in our little studio unit is always a delight, especially when we’re whipping up classics like Sinigang na Baboy, Nilagang Baboy, Chicken Pork Adobo, and Kinamatisang Manok. But let’s face it, sometimes the delightful aroma of our culinary creations can linger a bit longer than we’d like in our compact space.

Living in a studio means that every scent tends to waft its way through the entire unit, and coupled with the lack of ventilation, things can get a tad funky. But fear not! Here are some friendly tips to keep your cozy abode smelling fresh as a daisy:

  1. Let Nature In: Make friends with fresh air by opening up those windows and doors whenever possible. A gentle breeze and a touch of sunlight work wonders in whisking away lingering odors and bringing a breath of freshness into your home.
  2. Invest in Air Quality: Consider treating yourself to an air purifier or air cleaner. While it may seem like a splurge, trust me, it’s a worthwhile investment. These nifty gadgets help purify the air, bidding adieu to pesky airborne particles and leaving behind nothing but pure, fragrant goodness.
  3. Cover Up While Cooking: When you’re whipping up your culinary masterpieces, cover those pots and pans to minimize moisture and smoke. And don’t forget to place a trusty bowl of white vinegar near the stove – it’s like a superhero when it comes to absorbing unwanted odors.
  4. Mind the Closet Doors: Keep those closet and cabinet doors closed while cooking to prevent your clothes from soaking up any lingering smells and grease. Unlike hard surfaces, fabric can be a bit finicky to clean.
  5. Clean Up, Stat: As soon as you’re done with your kitchen magic, dive into cleanup mode! Wash those greasy pans, give the countertops a good scrub with soap, and mop those floor tiles until they shine like new.
  6. Get Crafty with Natural Fresheners: Why not get creative with your very own all-natural air fresheners? Simmer your favorite spices in some water for a delightful aroma, or leave a bowl of vinegar or coffee grounds on the counter overnight to tackle even the toughest of odors.

With these friendly tips up your sleeve, you’ll have your studio unit smelling fresh and fabulous in no time. Here’s to many more aromatic adventures in your cozy culinary haven!