Blog Version 2.0

The day I decided to get back to blogging is the day I wanted to go back to why I started blogging in the first place. Back in the early days, blogging is a little different; it is like a daily journal where you can write whatever you like, free of judgement.

I am making a comeback because I miss the old days of blogging.

It has been a while since I have posted. I was supposed to leave this site and would no longer be renewing it. Renewals are way too expensive for me even to afford. But then, I decided to try it again. I am telling myself to write more. I started looking for a free or really cheap deal on domain and hosting. You know how much I missed talking to myself.

Today, I transferred to Hostinger. I have seen a great deal for four years. Isn’t that amazing? Very timely! 4 more years of having me here. I just could not leave the memories I have had in the past years and tear them apart. This is my home. So this is where I will be for the succeeding years.

Welcome to Version 2.0!

I waited way too long to blog again, and I am sorry for that. BTW, I have all of my old, boring blog entries deleted. I am going to start from scratch. It is like starting a blog for the first time, amazing yet intimidating, in the old, old style of blogging.

Here are the reasons why I need my head back to blogging.

Work is exhausting nowadays

(Excessive) Stress at work has a tremendous effect on our health. Sorry to say that, Boss. I consider blogging other than shopping and traveling as the best stress-reducer . I gave up all the other hobbies; blogging has been my release. Blogging, for me, is fun. It is like a playground where I play with words and ideas to practice. In almost too many ways to count, it has changed the way I look at stress.

I feel inspired again

One of the reasons I did not get back earlier is that I was feeling uninspired. I cannot seem to find a topic that I am passionate about and enjoy sharing and talking.

I want to get better at writing

The more you write, the better you become, right? Blogging allows me to compose my thoughts in English. It is such an excellent method of practice. Since I am not a conversationalist, I learn new vocabulary words and grammar rules and even spelling each time I write. The only way to get better is to write more and practice more.

I want to improve my time management skills

Aside from having my planners, Blogging allows me to maintain that discipline, aside from having my planners. Although I cannot promise to put out regular updates, I will somehow feed you posts from time to time. So stay tuned and hit that notification. I am going to try to set aside a time to write a day worth of thoughts every day.

That’s it! After years of on and off love affair, I am finally here. See you around.