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    NikkaShem.com Version 2.0

    The day I decided to dive back into blogging was the day I longed to reconnect with the essence of why I started blogging in the first place. Back in the early days, blogging was a bit like having your own personal diary – a space where you could pour out your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. And as someone who adores writing about anything and everything under the sun, it felt like coming home.

    I’m making a comeback because I miss those old days of blogging – the simplicity, the freedom, the joy of sharing snippets of my life with the world.

    It’s been a while since my last post, and I even considered leaving this site altogether due to the hefty renewal costs. But then, a spark of determination ignited within me. I reminded myself of my love for writing and my desire to share my thoughts with others. So, I set out on a mission to find a free or extremely affordable deal on a domain and hosting.

    Today, I made the leap and transferred to Hostinger, snagging an incredible deal for the next four years. Talk about perfect timing! Four more years of having my little corner of the internet – I couldn’t bear to part with the memories and experiences I’ve shared here over the years. This is my home, and I’m here to stay for the foreseeable future.

    Welcome to NikkaShem.com Version 2.0!

    Yes, I’ve been away for too long, and for that, I apologize. By the way, I’ve cleared out all my old, lackluster blog entries – it’s time for a fresh start. It feels like I’m embarking on a blogging journey all over again, and I must admit, it’s both exhilarating and a tad intimidating, just like the old days.

    So why am I diving back into blogging with my head held high?

    Firstly, work has been exhausting lately. The stress has been taking its toll on my health, but blogging has always been my sanctuary – a place where I can unwind, express myself, and let my creativity flow freely. It’s my stress-reliever, my escape, my playground of words and ideas.

    Secondly, I’m feeling inspired again. For a while, I struggled to find topics that truly ignited my passion and sparked my enthusiasm. But now, I’m ready to dive back in and share my thoughts with the world once more.

    And lastly, I want to hone my writing skills. They say practice makes perfect, right? Blogging is the perfect platform for me to sharpen my English writing skills, learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, and spelling, all while expressing myself and connecting with others.

    So, here’s to a new chapter in my blogging journey – a chapter filled with passion, inspiration, and growth. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to hit that notification button. I may not promise regular updates, but I’ll certainly do my best to share my thoughts with you from time to time.

    After years of on-again, off-again love affairs with blogging, I’m finally here to stay. See you around!