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    How to Stay Focused

    “Where was I again?”, I often ask myself this question after getting distracted. My attention span is very short. I find it hard to focus on almost everything. It quite gets annoying when I am often troubled by distractions. The more I am interrupted, the more I lose concentration. And when I get back… I have no idea where I left off.

    How do people manage to stay on track all day? We live in a world that is full of distractions. Like today, the stubborn me kicked in. Instead of working, I am doing rounds on my blog, trying to write my thoughts on how to focus. It is past 7 pm anyway.

    How does someone like me, who has a limited span, focus? Here is how I do it.

    Arrange My Workspace

    Keeping our workspace tidy has a huge impact on keeping our focus. A cluttered desk is distracting most of the time. What I do, before I begin to work, I make sure that all is tidy and within my reach: my food and drinks. So I do not have to stand up to get a food/drink in case I get hungry/thirsty.

    Create a Task List

    It became my habit to make a to-do list before I start to work, clock out, and go to bed. I list it based on their importance and due dates. Every time I slash out a task, I get motivated to finish everything.

    There are times I had to switch from one task to another. Switching tasks makes my brain stay alert sometimes. Oftentimes, it (multi-tasking) is not effective for me. More pending tasks are happening.

    Play Some Music

    Listening to music could calm my troubled mind and improve my performance. It even makes a boring task more fun.

    I listen to the classics: cellos and violins when I am feeling troubled. I switch to rock music when I am bored. When you see me wearing my headphones, I am either trying to focus or I am bored.

    Work Offline

    To be able to stay focused and get my work done ahead of time, I limit the use of my phone. I normally put it aside and focus on work. Notifications easily diverted me away from what I am doing. Switching it on silent mode can also make a big difference.

    Take Mental Breaks

    The best thing to do when you cannot focus anymore is to take short breaks. Taking a short break allows our mind to refresh or reset. Our brain is not capable of working full 3 hours straight. Here is why I have my hourly alarm set even though I am at work. I am training myself to focus on a task for 45 -50 minutes then 10 minutes computer-free break.

    When you see me stepping away from my desk stretching, I am taking my mental break seriously.

    Distractions are everywhere. Staying focused is not an easy task. Following these can be daunting at first, but with determination and dedication, we will improve our focus.

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    Things I Miss About Working at Pagecom

    One day, I caught myself smiling. Out of the blue, I realized, something is missing, a part of me is missing. I miss hanging out and working with fun and bubbly people. I miss talking non-sense stories. It has been ten years since I left, but the memories remain. I miss you guys!

    There are still many things I miss working at Pagecom, but I narrowed it to ten.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner

    You name it. I got to enjoy my work because of food. Kuya (I cannot remember his name) cooked and served the best foods. My favorites were Pork Sinigang, Sinampalukang Manok, to name a few. Aside from that, Management loved to order pizza.

    Hard work should be rewarded with good food – Ken Follett.

    Long Birthday Celebrations

    I was not exaggerating it. Seriously, we celebrated my birthday for about a month though we take turns in buying ice cream and snacks. We celebrated Herlene’s for a month, too.

    Training Center

    The Documentation Team was housed in the Training Center, a kilometer away from the office. I do not know why we moved there. We were suddenly instructed to pack our things. And TADA, to our haven. More quiet time for the Documentation Team.

    Show me the Money

    Angela choreographed our dance number for our Christmas Party presentation. In two weeks of practice, I learned more about my colleagues: our differences, strengths, and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I was not able to perform that day because we had to attend the meeting outside the office.

    Staying late

    The longest time I rendered was 72 hours, with only 4 hours of sleep. Work was stressful in those days. No time for social life and love life. Hello there, eye bags and pimples.

    Work Load

    Our team had to finish around 63 projects in 3 days. I cannot imagine how we (Leanne, Herlene, and I) managed our time. Can you imagine how overworked we were?

    Photoshoots, Picture Taking

    When the bosses were away, even when the bosses weren’t away.

    Site Visits

    Going out of town is really fun with these people. Photo ops before heading to site.

    Super Bubbly and Energetic Staff

    I got to enjoy work because of the people around me… my co-workers Sir Jo, Sir Beddie, Reyner, Leanne, Herlene, Menerissa, Maricar, Kaizel, to name few. Without them around, I would not last for about a year. I was blessed with excellent and trustworthy colleagues.

    Out of Office Bonding

    This is what I really miss. Even if we have hectic schedules and lots of workloads in the office, we never fail to miss Friday and Saturday after works. Up to now, we find time to see each other once in a while. Right, Herlene and Leanne?

    So what do you (or would you) miss most about working in your previous company?

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    Things I Miss About Working at Site

    There are so many things about working in an office that are fabulously great. But, believe it or not, working at site is really far different. And I made a lot of adjustments just to fit in and not to be bored and sleepy at my new work environment.

    The list of things I miss about working at site is long and varied. I narrowed it down to make it lesser.

    Working Hours

    At site, our working hour starts from 7am and ends at 4pm. Lunch break is from 11:30am to 1pm. We opted to have 90 minutes lunch break instead of the 15 minutes break in the morning, 1 hour lunch break and another 15 minutes break in the afternoon. This is to maximize time working at site and to have a longer time to snooze or do our thing in the noon. Time flies fast at site. You would not notice it when you are at site and with amazing people.

    Morning Routines

    Toolbox prayer, toolbox exercise and toolbox meeting were our early morning routine at site. We cannot start a day working without it except when it is raining. It was always a fun-filled toolbox exercise at site because of the energetic skilled workers dancing at the stage, some gracefully and some off beat. You also would not mind doing the off beat exercise.

    Lunch Break

    I came to realize that I had the best lunches at site. Nobody eats alone at site, we eat together. Most of the time, we contribute an amount to buy for everybody’s lunch. Sr. Pedro chicken, Baliuag Lechon Manok, Hypermarket Roasted Chicken were among our favorites plus ice cream, pizza and a lot more to add. Boodle Fight was so far the most memorable lunch I had at site.

    Loud music

    Everybody loves loud music plus the off-tone singing and off-beat dancing. This would always remind me of stressful day at work. No one minds the loud volume as long as we know the song and we can carry the tune.

    Gossips and Conversations

    This one is a never-ending. Gossips of yesterday is the same as today. Everyone loves to bring back those we had a year ago. I came to realize that men gossip also. And they are the best and sometimes worst gossipers. Though, I learned a lot from them.

    Gray Uniform and Rugged Pants

    I comfortably wear my gray uniform at site. Before, I would not mind seen in rugged/cargo pants as long as I am comfortable wearing those.

    Moving Out

    We moved out several times. I recorded 12 times since Phase 1 of Solaire Resorts and Casino. Imagine the packing and repacking, mobilizing and demobilizing for 12 times in a span of almost 4 years. I began to get used to it. I am no longer a newbie.

    Thanks to the supply of green, and chamomile tea and sandwich spreads in the morning. The perks of working at Solaire includes this. Thanks to Noel and Ryan.


    To which, we quoted as “Forever Plans”. It takes 2-3 persons to make it happen. If these 2-3 persons wanted it to happen, most likely it will happen. An example to this is our Enchanted Kingdom plan. After a year of thorough planning.. we made it finally.

    But what I really, really miss about working at site? It is not the light work load I had, not the printer next to me, nor the scanner or the internet connection, but

    The Team

    We had the amazing team back there… staff and workers. I can guarantee that. I would not be doing this list if I do not miss them this much. Writing about it makes me feel proud about what we are now and what we have become. We may not see each other very often, but keep in mind that I am just a Messenger away.