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    {Random} Things To Do in Sagada

    I have collected a few interesting and more unusual tips from travelers/bloggers/vloggers who have been in Sagada. Let us see if we can strike out as many as we can as we enjoy the cold weather, pine trees, and scenic views on our trip this coming February.

    Are 3 days long enough to see all the major sights? Let us see.

    1. Bike to Besao and witness the sunset
    2. Buy the best bread in Sagada at Masferre Inn
    3. Climb the walls of Echo Valley
    4. Conquer Mt. Ampacao and revel in the outstanding view once atop it
    5. Enjoy the Lemon Flavored Pie and Tea at Sagada Lemon Pie House
    6. Enjoy the privacy of your place at Villa D’ Familia
    7. Experience Heaven on Earth at Kiltepan View Point
    8. Explore Sumaging Cave or do the connection and traverse to Lumiang Cave
    9. Freeze in the icy-cold water of Bomod-ok Falls
    10. Get to know the locals and fellow travelers
    11. Go orange picking at Rock Inn
    12. Go shopping at either Sagada Weaving or Ganduyan Store.
    13. Gobble the fantastic yogurt at Yogurt House
    14. Hangout at the Basketball court near St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.
    15. Learn the stories behind the peculiar burial tradition
    16. Pay a visit to the Pottery workshop
    17. Pick up some Sagada coffee at 18 Days Coffee Roasters
    18. Play board or card games or relax beside the fireplace
    19. Raft the Chico River from Dantay to Bontoc
    20. Read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee
    21. Ride top load (the roof of) a jeepney
    22. See the Hanging Coffins up close
    23. Stay at Mapia-aw Pensione and enjoy the stunning view from your room or balcony
    24. Trek to the Bomod-ok Falls
    25. Try itag, a cured meat similar to a slab of bacon, unsliced
    26. Try the Saturday Night Buffet or Pork Tenderloin specialty in Log Cabin
    27. Visit the Cemetery and Calvary Hill
    28. Wake up early and bike to Marlboro Country to try to catch a glimpse of the wild horses
    29. Walk along the Rice Terraces of Sagada
    30. Walk around town, visit the market, especially on a Saturday, it’s market day
    31. Witness the product of the local’s creativity at Ganduyan Museum

    Updated (February 7, 2017) I think I need to go back to Sagada. I still have lots of items to strike out. 15 out of 31 is bad. It is not half past 31.

    Credits: Ma’am Kath for pictures