Activities Keeping Me Busy This Quarantine

Aside from work, I have never been this busy in my whole life. Though I wanted to take things slowly, I can’t and I won’t. When things are back to the new normal, I won’t be able to get back to these hobbies again. I will be juggling in between the demands of work and home again. You know what I mean.

I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.

Let us take advantage of the time to make the best of it while we still can. We don’t know when this quarantine ends. For now, just keep doing what we are enjoy doing.


I made a lot of changes in my blog from the theme to its content. If you are a follower, you will notice the changes I have made. I have added some images, plugins and shortcodes to spice up a little that boring post. Thank you,, for the one-line drawing.

For the time being, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with this quarantine. Soon, I will run out of ideas again. I really admire bloggers who still continually share awesome content.


I am now in love with jumping rope. I started around mid of May when I was mentally and physically exhausted. Jumping rope is a great way to escape the stresses and help combat the effects of anxiety and depression. The benefits of jumping rope are better than we know and can go a very long way. BTW, I bought my first (speed) rope at @jumpmanila through Lazada Platform.


Ever since I started solo living, I make my food. My favorites are Pork Adobo, Chicken Adobo, and Pork Sinigang. From time to time, I challenge myself to try some level up dishes I have found on the internet.


I have learned that writing has the power to calm our minds and communicate with ourselves. I admit I do not have an entry in my Hobonichi for May and June. I have lost track and interest in writing my day to day activities. All I wanted is lay in bed and stare outside the window.

Today, I am trying to get back into writing again.

Binge Watching

I am not a fan of anime. Whenever my teammates talk about anime, I listen as if I am interested, but I am not. Since I grew tired watching Korean dramas and even Hollywood series, I gave anime a chance. I enjoyed the story-line of Spirited Away, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, and The Classroom of Elite.

My recent favorites are Food Wars, Yowamoshi Pedal, Fruits Basket, Toradora and Himouto Umaru-chan. Next on my list are Uza Maid, Shiro Bako and Death Note.

I would love to hear what activities are keeping you busy nowadays. I have heard many of you become planters (Plantita).

Life Lessons Quarantine Taught Me

Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst time and from the worst mistakes.

Over some time, quarantine taught us lessons about life. It made us realize that life is too short of taking it for granted and live with regrets. We don’t realize how blessed we are until everything is taken from us.

Every little thing in life has changed drastically in a short time. Our normal habits and daily routines are hard to let go. We cannot simply go outside and live our ordinary lives.

I am hoping that after this pandemic, we will become much better, stronger and wiser.

Being quarantined taught me a lot of things.

It taught me to appreciate little things. Being able to look at things with positivity is a valuable life lesson. No matter how difficult our life is, be grateful always. We will find ourselves happier and contented. We must not live with guilt and hate. Remember always to keep spreading positivity.

It taught me to enjoy more my own company. Being alone allowed us to take a chance to reflect on our lives. This quarantine motivated me to accelerate my thoughts. It gave me the opportunity to rediscover and spend so much time with myself.

It taught me about the value of our workplace. Not all have the option and privilege to work from home. Those engaged in manual labour can’t work from home.

It taught me that it is safer at home. By staying at home, we prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the risk of infection. Staying at home is not as bad as you think.

It taught me to get back in the kitchen. Cooking is a life skill that helps us understand eating healthy and budgeting money. Cooking is not that difficult; rather, it is a fun way while getting something to enjoy delicious afterwards.

It taught me about the importance of having an emergency fund. While we were still living our normal lives, we often forget about saving for an emergency fund. There is no better time to start than now while we still can.

What have you learned about life in these times?

What I Will Miss Most When Quarantine Ends

Last week, I wrote about the things I miss about normal life. Like quiet mornings, hugs and kisses, the crowd of people and those times before the pandemic.

Things won’t quickly snap back to how it was before. A new normal will be the norm. COVID-19 changed how we live, work, and play.

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It has been roughly a month and a half since we are forced to stay-at-home. There aren’t any good things about being indoor all day. But yes, I will miss these things when quarantine ends.

More Idle Time

After my post about WFH Tips from a First Timer, I was crazy having much free time. My Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are no longer “working days.” Maybe they have realized that we are buckling down even on weekends and holidays. More idle time means more time for other activities.

It’s Okay to Have Unproductive Days

Forget about productivity. It’s okay to slow down and take a pause, and it’s okay not to be productive. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and we are all coping the best that we can. But when I feel like it, I am either drafting a new blog post (just like today) or journaling in my Hobonichi or just playing My Hospital. Every day, I still make sure that I am doing something to keep me on track.

Lots of Cooking

I have managed to cook and try another “imbento” recipe. One of my favorites is my Sinigang na Atay. It is kind of unusual, but if you are a Sinigang lover, you’ll undoubtedly love its sour and savory taste.

Working from Home

I have learned so much about working from home, how to be productive, and how to stay in track of the timetable. Not all employees are fortunate enough to work from home. I am more thankful than ever to be able to work from home.

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Not having to set an alarm

I haven’t set the alarm since Day 1 of the quarantine. I don’t know how I managed to wake up between 7 – 8 am without the alarm knowing I am a heavy sleeper. Maybe because I was in bed early and I had no trouble sleeping.

Not rushing to work

I take my time in the morning preparing. By 9 am, I am in front of my laptop, either answering messages or working on a project.

Wearing comfy clothes

I regretted not buying more tank tops and shorts. This has been my everyday outfit, comfortable, and airy. I don’t feel the need to add stress in wearing nicer clothes. I am trying to get through as comfortable as possible.

Not leaving the bed

I work in bed, eat-in bed, and sleep in the bed. As if I have a choice.

I will miss this the most.