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{Random} Things To Do in Sagada

I have collected few interesting and more unusual tips from travelers/bloggers who have been in Sagada. Let us see if we can strike out as many as we can as we enjoy the cold weather, pine trees, and scenic views on our trip this coning February. Is 3 days long enough to see all the major sights? Let us see. Walk along the Rice Terraces of  ...

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Thanks God for Life

{Thanks God for Life} December 2016

Summing up how my December 2016 went. December wasn’t that stressful compared to last year. Cheesy Cheese Pringles. I received one from Ma’am Tess. She never failed to amaze me. Last year, she gave us Toblerone. We had an impromptu reunion.  Some (Judy) didn’t make it. But nonetheless, I had another dose of memories with my relatives. The best  ...

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