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    {How} I Personalize my Planner

    Customizing and personalizing your planner is a wonderful way to make it truly yours, reflecting your personality and needs. Here’s how I add my personal touch to my planner:

    Planner Itself: After months of deliberation, I chose the Filofax Original Patent in Fuchsia. Its funky color matches my personality perfectly, and its durable construction ensures it’ll last for years to come.

    Dashboards: I love starting my planner journey with a visual treat. My dashboard features a transparent plastic sheet from Filofax, a postcard from HeyKessy, an inspirational phrase, soldier bookmarks, and a photo of us to bring a smile to my face every time I open it.

    Interior Pockets and Pen Slots: The left side of my planner is home to slots for cards and an elastic band for pens. I keep my Coleto Hi-Tec C pen in the loop and tuck weekly plan and timetable sticky notes for quick scheduling.

    Pen: My trusty companion is the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5-barrel pen. It offers a rainbow of colors to choose from, keeping my planner vibrant and organized. I got mine from DavaoArts.

    Dividers and Tabs: I divide my planner into sections like Daily, To-Do, Expenses, Lists, Blog Ideas, Work, and Others. Labeled with my Dymo Label Maker and adorned with tabs from National Bookstore, they keep everything in its place.

    Printable Inserts: Craft and Create provides me with amazing inserts that perfectly complement my Filofax. The quality of the paper is top-notch, ensuring smooth writing and planning.

    Paper Clips or Page Markers: While I don’t go overboard, a few paper clips or page markers help me quickly locate important notes and pages within my planner, adding a touch of color and style.

    Sticky Notes and Stickers: I prefer functional over decorative, so I keep my use of sticky notes, stickers, and washi tape to a minimum. National Bookstore provides me with quality sticky notes, and my washi tape collection comes from HeyKessy, HobbyDepot, and DavaoArts.

    Charms and Journaling Cards: To infuse my planner with positivity, I include charms and journaling cards from BeeHappyCrafts. They serve as little reminders to stay uplifted and inspired throughout my planner journey.

    How do you customize/personalize your planner? Let me know!