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    Day 2 of 4 States in 4-Days: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

    It’s Day 2 of our adventure through four states in four days, and it’s a day filled with surprises and unforgettable moments.

    Last night’s sleep was a bit of a struggle. The bed felt unfamiliar, and I found myself tossing and turning throughout the night. Luckily, Uncle refrained from cranking up the air conditioner, despite the freezing temperatures outside our cozy room.

    Morning greeted me with laziness, and I dragged myself out of bed later than planned. Breakfast at the neighborhood inn didn’t quite hit the spot. I was yearning for something comforting, like a warm bowl of rice porridge, but we were in the land of sausages and eggs. So, I settled for a simple meal of sausage, egg, and apple juice, and skipping the usual dose of caffeine.

    After fueling up, we decided to revisit the boardwalk in the broad daylight. I snagged a sweater from the souvenir shop to combat the chilly breeze, along with some keychains and fridge magnets to commemorate our journey. A quick walk to the beach followed before we hit the road again, bound for our next destination.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Parking proved to be a bit of a challenge upon our arrival in the city. After circling the streets in search of a parking spot, we eventually parked in a nearby building. Stepping out of the car, we were met with a wave of heat that made me regret wearing that sweater.

    Our exploration of Philly was a whirlwind affair. We wandered around, soaking in the sights, and indulging in a bit of souvenir shopping. The Liberty Bell was a highlight, though the tight security and my nephew’s tendency to bolt kept us on our toes.

    After a quick tour, we went to look for the famed cheesesteak joints.

    After our bustling day exploring Philly, we were all feeling a bit worn out, so we decided to call it a day and drive to Holiday Inn. But you know what? The Holiday Inn turned out to be a hidden gem—affordable and squeaky clean.

    Once we were settled in, the temptation to keep exploring tugged at us once more. The exhaustion had a tight grip on us, and even our designated driver couldn’t resist the siren song of sleep.

    Instead of going out, we opted for delivery and treated ourselves to a feast of Asian cuisine. With each dish that arrived, our order seemed enough. We surrendered to the embrace of sleep, dreaming of the adventures that awaited us on the next day.