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    40 Before 40

    I am not sure how it happened so fast. It has been a month since I turned 39. In less than a year, I will be FORTY. And not even far enough in life.

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    Honestly speaking, I could not be more excited. It cannot be avoided. That is life.

    Life begins at 40, they say.

    But before I turn that age, I want to accomplish things that I felt I should have done in my twenties. I want to complete at least a handful of these before I reach it.

    I have been meaning to write this list for a while now, but I always got distracted. But I am determined to make it happen. I know it is going to be exciting.

    40 things in less than a year is a lot, but I will try my best ticking most before I am 40 or even 50. This is all about having fun chasing dreams.

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    Here are my 40 goals before I turn 40.

    1. Travel somewhere SOLO. I have wanted to travel alone, but I lack the bravery to do it. I am scared and excited by it at the same time.
    2. Book a photoshoot session.
    3. Take a road trip. I started driving this year. I am just waiting for the right time drive away.
    4. Celebrate New Year in a different province.
    5. Do a five-kilometer run. I have never attempted a marathon.
    6. Get in shape. Reduce my weight to 65kg and wear a bikini.
    7. Develop an exercise routine.
    8. Enjoy a spa day every now and then.
    9. Launch a YouTube Channel. Thinking of a niche. Maybe road trips? Let’s see about that.
    10. Try a short haircut. But not any short-er than previous year.
    11. Give my hair a lighter hue. My hair has never been colored in lighter shade. I always stay in the safe zone.
    12. Get rid of credit card debt. I have yet to pay off my credit card debt. Before I turn forty, hopefully.
    13. Have savings and also insurance. Money is very tight nowadays. I need to have a side hustle.
    14. Complete a 30 to 120-day “No Spend” challenge. No Shopee/Lazada and no FoodPanda, please!
    15. Build a capsule wardrobe. Find a style that works for me.
    16. Plan my 40th birthday with family.
    17. Buy/Get myself an amazing 40th birthday present.
    18. Write in my blog every single day.
    19. Ride a motorcycle. I recently learned to ride a motorcycle. I am glad I did. I am planning on having one. Let us see what the future will hold.
    20. Become a morning person. This is something I need to work on for the rest of my life because I am a night owl.

    Continue reading, we are only half way there.