• Life Lately

    A Tuesday in Cary, NC

    Yesterday was one of those wonderful, unplanned days that end up being unforgettable. We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Downtown Cary Park, just a 20-minute drive from home. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly where we were heading, only that it was somewhere in Cary. As we drove into downtown, I couldn’t help but notice how much it reminded me of Wilmington with its charming streets and friendly atmosphere.

    We found a spot in the public parking area and headed straight to the park. It was absolutely beautiful – the kind of place that immediately puts you at ease. After a bit of exploring, we started to feel hungry. We stumbled upon a little stand and treated ourselves to some rose ice cream and coffee. The flavors were as delightful as they sound, and they gave us the perfect boost to continue our adventure.

    As we walked around the park, we discovered a lovely botanical garden. It was the perfect spot to rest for a while. My brother-in-law took a nap on a bench while my nephew and I roamed around, marveling at the beautiful plants and flowers.

    Around 5 PM, I asked my nephew if he wanted to check out the playground. He enthusiastically agreed, so we left his parents and my mom in the botanical garden and made our way to the playground. We had an absolute blast climbing, hurdling, and even taking turns on the slide. It felt great to let loose and have fun together.

    After a while, we heard my nephew’s dad calling his name – it was time to go. We reluctantly left the playground and regrouped with the family. Our day wasn’t over yet, though. We headed to a nearby Korean restaurant for dinner. The samgyupsal and hotpot were delicious and the perfect way to end our spontaneous outing.

    All in all, it was a fantastic day filled with laughter, relaxation, and quality family time. Sometimes, the best days are the ones you don’t plan at all.