Hello 2021

Life is getting tougher and tougher nowadays. While others are almost back to their normal lives, here we are staying at home doing our part. Despite the trials we have gone through, I am grateful that we are continuing to resist.

Because of the pandemic, I have learned many realizations in life. I have not been careful with my actions and decisions in recent years and only now do I realize their importance.

This year:

  • I will be more careful about my decisions and actions in life
  • I will not get swayed or get encouraged by anyone
  • I will stick to my plans and goals
  • I will prioritize my needs, then next come
  • I will get in touch with the people I love
  • I will change my spending habits. 2020 has thrown a lot of money-wise decisions
  • I will get back to cooking and stick to home-cooked meals
  • I will support my family throughout the years

Realization help you make better choices in the future.