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What I Will Miss Most When Quarantine Ends

Last week, I wrote about the things I miss about normal life, like quiet mornings, hugs and kisses, the crowd of people and those times before the pandemic.

Things will not quickly snap back to how it was before. A new normal is going to be the norm. COVID-19 has changed how we live, work, and play. What has become “normal”? The quarantines, wearing masks and face shields, washing hands, and social distancing.

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It has been roughly a month and a half since we are forced to stay-at-home. There is nothing good about being indoor all day. But surely, I will miss these things when quarantine comes to an end.

More Idle Time

After my post about WFH Tips from a First Timer, I was crazy having a lot of free time. My Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are no longer “working days.” They may have realized that we are buckling down even on weekends and holidays. More idle time means more time for my hobbies— blogging, journaling and jumping rope.

It’s Okay to Have Unproductive Days

Forget about productivity. It is all right to slow down and take a pause, and it is okay not to be productive. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and we are all coping with the best we can. But when I feel like it, I am either drafting a new blog post (just like today) or journaling in my Hobonichi or just playing My Hospital. I always make sure that I am doing something every day to keep me on track.

Lots of Cooking

I was able to cook and try another recipe. One of my favorites is my Sinigang na Atay. It is kind of unusual, but if you are a Sinigang lover, you will undoubtedly love its sour and savory taste. Yummy!

Working from Home

I have learned so much about working from home, how to be productive, and how to keep track of the schedule. Not all employees are lucky enough to work from home. I am more than grateful to be able to work from home.

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Not Having to Set the Alarm

I have not set the alarm since Day 1 of the quarantine. I do not know how I managed to wake up between 7 – 8 am without the alarm knowing I am a heavy sleeper and not a morning person. Maybe because I was in bed early and did not have any trouble in sleeping.

Not Rushing to Work

I am taking my time to prepare in the morning. By 8a.m., I am in front of my laptop, either answering messages or working on a project.

Wearing Comfy Clothes

I regretted I did not buy more tank tops and shorts. This has been my everyday outfit, comfortable, and airy. I do not feel the need to add stress in wearing nicer clothes. I am trying to get as comfortable as I can.

Not Leaving the Bed

I work in bed, eat-in bed, and sleep in the bed. As if I had a choice.

I am going to miss “Not leaving the bed” the most. What will you miss the most when quarantine ends?