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About Me

I have a hard time introducing myself. I do not know why words and phrases do not fall out of my head and onto my screen. Maybe because I am afraid to admit that I am nobody or shy to discover something about myself. I know I am sometimes shy and timid. This is how I often describe myself.

I stalked the “About me” pages of bloggers I know. And I began to think about what to write in mine. After a few revisions, I have come up with the typical one, Hey there.

Hey there! I am Nikka Shem. I am a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering from Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, currently employed as a System and Application Engineer. Work has kept me busy nowadays, but I see that I spend a lot more time traveling and staying in touch with my friends and family. I am a Monday hater but a weekend and holiday lover.

About My Blog

I started blogging in 2003. Unfortunately, when I moved to the city, I stopped. I cannot find time for my blogging. But writing my daily activity is my passion. It has gone through many incarnations and remained there for a long time. is a room for my thoughts, my opinions, my experiences, my travels, and my life.

This blog is my outlet – a distraction from the real world. I hope to contribute information through my misadventures and adventures, my wanderings, and my stories.