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My Life Bucket List 2014

I am on my 30s and I feel terrible for the things I haven’t accomplished. I need to have a goal in life. Something, I need to do and accomplish. Today, I am making a list of the things I need to/should do in my next 5 years. In my list: Explore at least 5 provinces/country. Travel solo. More adventure. Go on a cruise. Live in a foreign country  ...

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{Travel Bucket List} 80+ Challenges

I am pretty much fed up with metro life. My life mostly circled around work and apartment, riding to and fro jeepneys and UV Express in most days. It is just too much. There is so much more in life than traffic jams.. TRAVEL I have come up with these travel bucket-list to begin with. To my amazement, I have made it to 80 (almost 100), mostly  ...

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