A Day in My Life During Quarantine

I cannot believe I have been in quarantine for a week now. This is what my day looks like now. A new routine has consumed my everyday life.

7:30 am

I am not (really) a morning person. My morning usually starts at 7:30. I get up, make my bed and go straight to the restroom to wash my face and gargle mouthwash. Prep a cup of coffee. I like it creamy white, but I like white caramel more. Then go to the rooftop for a daily dose of fresh air, sunshine and exercise to get my blood flowing. The sun feels comforting.

I’ve been doing this for quite a while.

8:00 am

I go straight to the bathroom to take a warm bath and prepare for the day ahead. I wear house clothes all the time.

I am an introvert at heart. I love being home.

9:00 am

I look over and prioritize my to-do lists, respond to messages and emails, and eat breakfast starting with a bowl of cereals, sitting cross-legged with my computer in my lap. On weekdays, I usually have cereal. On the weekend, I cook food like corned beef, toasted bread and eggs.

Each morning, this has been my routine.

11:00 am

I try not to spend much time on the internet reading or watching the news. I have a couple of breaks in between.


Cravings! What is available in my pantry? For today’s lunch, I am getting Spanish sardines, some veggies, and apple. I either take a few minutes to work on my blog or run a few errands.

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About Me

I have a hard time introducing myself. I don’t know why words and phrases won’t fall out of my head and onto my screen. Maybe because I am afraid to admit that I am nobody or shy that I might discover something about myself. I know I am sometimes shy and timid. That’s how I often describe myself.

I stalked “About me” pages of bloggers I know. And began thinking on what to write in mine. After several revisions, I have come up with the typical, Hey there.

Hey there! I am Nikka Shem. I am an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate from Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, currently employed as a System and Application Engineer. Work kept me busy nowadays, but I see to it that I spend a lot more time traveling and staying in touch with my friends and my family. I am a Monday hater but a week-end and holiday lover.

About My Blog

I started blogging in 2003. Unfortunately, I stopped when I moved in the city. I cannot find time for my blogging. But writing my daily activity is my passion. It has gone through many incarnations, and remained throughout time.

NikkaShem.com is a room of my thoughts, my opinions, my experiences, my travels and my life.

This blog is my outlet – a distraction from the real world. I hope I can contribute information through my experiences, thoughts, misadventures and adventures, wanderings and stories.

My 2020 Goals

Every single year, I always have the same goal… to make this year better than the last. Year after year, I start to think of the changes, start to look back and see how far I have come.

Here is my goal for the new year.

Take control of money

You know me when it comes to money. Despite my best efforts to pay off debts, I have accumulated more. I am slowly taking one step at a time, tracking and planning for everything to get in order again. Getting debt under control is stressful but it will be worth it in the end.

Get fit and be healthier

Losing weight is never an easy task. I once made it to almost 55kg but it bounced back a few years after. Being healthy is good enough for this year than losing weight.

Tackle time management

I cannot deny the fact that I am always late on my deadlines. It is my worst trait. I wanted to improve my performance at work, get all the work done ahead of schedule without overwhelming myself.

Write more

My blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I have no more excuses since I got myself a laptop and a reliable internet connection. It is just having the time to sit down and put my thoughts into words.

Work on becoming a morning person

I am not a morning person. I hate waking up on the alarm. My goal here is to wake up early enough to get into workouts before work.

Do things that we enjoy most

We cannot always do things that we enjoy. I love traveling and shopping. As much as I want, engaging in these activities makes me spend what I do not have. Instead engage in activities that seem to fuel minds.

There are many things I wanted to do in the past years that I did not do. This year, I am going to make time and get over one by one.

Adding on my list.

Cut out soda

I am planning to cut it out completely for 2020. This may be simple, but I drink a lot.

Life is an amazing journey, celebrate small victories and when you stumble, get back on track. What are your goals this 2020?