Version 2.0

The day I decided to get back to blogging… I wanted to go back to why I started blogging in the first place.

I cannot remember the last time I blogged. You know how much I miss my other-self. I was supposed to leave this site and would not renew anymore. Renewals are way too pricey. But then I decided to give it another try. Maybe, just maybe, I will be as persistent and diligent before.

I transferred to Hostinger today. I saw a great deal for 4 years. Isn’t that amazing? 4 more years of having me here. I just could not leave and tear apart the memories I have for the past years. This is my home. And this is where I will be for the succeeding years.

Welcome to Version 2.0!

It’s like starting a blog for the first time, amazing yet intimidating. I waited way too long to blog again, and I am sorry for that.

Here are the reasons why I am going back to blogging:

  1. Work is exhausting nowadays

    Sorry to say that, Boss. (Excessive) Stress at work has a great impact on our health. I find blogging as the best stress-reducer other than shopping and traveling. I gave up all the other activities, blogging has become my release. Blogging for me, is fun. It is like a playground where I play with words and ideas. In almost too many ways to count, it has changed the way I look at stress.

  2. I feel inspired again

    One of the reasons I did not get back sooner is that I feel uninspired. I cannot seem to find a topic that I am passionate about and enjoy. Coming with interesting ideas would force me to keep learning and growing.

  3. I want to get better at writing

    The more I write, the better I become, right? Blogging allows me to compose my thoughts in English. It is such an excellent method of practice. I learn new vocabulary words and grammar rules every time I write.

  4. I want to improve my time management skills

    Aside from having my planners, blogging helps me cultivate that discipline. I know I have to meet deadlines. Though I cannot promise to put out daily posts, I will somehow feed you posts from time to time. So stay tuned and hit that notification. I will try to set aside a time every day to write a day’s worth of thoughts.

That’s it! I am finally back after years of having an on and off love affair. See you around!