Online Grocery Shopping Tips

Because of the current situation, I find it hard to get the groceries I need. I can’t stand the long lines of people outside the supermarket. The last time we went on grocery shopping, it took us 4-hours to get inside the supermarket. My legs were hurting so long from standing. I ponder how sales ladies can stay that long.

Since I run low on food supplies and avoid trips to the grocery, I decided to take advantage of the online grocery stores like MetroMart, Walter Mart and Puregold that could supply all I need. Opting for their delivery services might be better right now.… Continue Reading

{Why} Work from Home is Not for Me

With the current coronavirus outbreak, the entire Luzon has been placed under “Enhanced Community Quarantine” for almost a month. Many organizations are increasingly adapting telecommuting or work-from-home arrangements to mitigate threats from further transmitting the coronavirus disease in the country. As the outbreak has grown, more and more companies are encouraging employees to stay at home and operate work-from-home arrangements. Our company is one of those who responded. I feel lucky to be able to work from home.

Honestly, I do not hate working from home. I feel that home is meant for fun things and an office for work.… Continue Reading

A Week Before the Quarantine

March 9 (Monday)

COVID-19 is spreading quickly. My cousin informed us about the coming community quarantine. I don’t know where the details come from. He advised us to buy a few weeks’ worths of supplies. I didn’t mind at first. But there is nothing wrong if I will stock up on food and essentials.

I scanned my pantry and cleared out anything past its expiration.

March 10 (Tuesday)

I got up early. I made a rundown of what is left in my pantry and what to add. I rushed to the office as usual. I even stayed a little longer.

March 11 (Wednesday)

I have learned that the virus is sensitive to temperature.… Continue Reading