My First Mini Happy Planner

January 19, 2018

Finally, I am back to blogging and planning. I am afraid to get back into this hobby because (1) my budget is limited and (2) I am a compulsive hoarder.

This past few days, I was obsessing over Happy Planners. I don’t know what got into me that I decided to get myself a Happy Planner. I guess I wasn’t that happy using the same Muji Planner. Nah! I had enough. I wanted to try something fun, I guess.

I was up all night finding great shops to begin with. I ended up liking The Crafters Marketplace Facebook page and commenting “mine” in one of their mini Happy Planner.

Without having second thoughts, I availed this mini undated happy planner. I really wanted the classic ones but I find it too big for me. It wouldn’t fit in my bag in case I wanted to bring it to work. And I think I can’t fill all those spaces.

There are things I like about Happy Planners. (1) It is a disc-based planner. I can easily take out or turn the pages I am working on. (2) The paper is thicker than what I expected. No more ink bleedings. (3) Each cover is different from the other.

I am one happy girl with a Happy Planner.

I haven’t set it up yet. I am still waiting for the (4) batches of stickers to arrive.

Happy planning ahead!

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