Hey, Nikka

April 9, 2017

Over years, I have been seeing the same NikkaShem.com. I don’t want another year to come, looking the same. I want something new. I have been sporting the same theme I managed to modify sometime in 2011. Thanks Castiel theme. After that, I never had time to change my blog’s theme again. 5 years is long enough. I am thinking of changing the over-all-look of my blog. I am not particular of the theme. But I like it simple, minimal and column-wide theme like Castiel Theme.

I have not thought of a title yet that will represent me as me. Maybe, I will just join the bandwagon.. Hey, Nikka Shem.

Aside from changing the look, I wanted to move from another blogging platform; though, I am still undecided on that. I have not found one that could possibly make me leave the Tumblr Community. I am torn in between WordPress and Blogger. I am still weighing its pros and cons. You know me when it comes to blogging. I want a user friendly and not complicated ones but I need more advanced control and customization options than Tumblr have to offer.

Updated as of July 2017: Hello World indeed. I finally managed to import all my posts to wordpress. Thanks for the easy migration.

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