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Month: April 2017

4 Go-to Excuses To Help You Get Out of Any Plans

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse. – Jim Rohn I am known for being the “kaladkarin” in our group. I would love to join every  “lakad” my friends and office mates have. I would never turn down an invitation. It bothers me to turn someone down. However, I can’t always say “yes” every time my friends want to make plans. I can get away with honesty to few close friends. But for anyone else, I am obliged to come up with a better excuse for they…

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Mumuso Korea Mini Haul

And I am back with another Mumuso Korea haul. Just few items I need in my life now: a new scent and a new pair of socks. I got these items yesterday on my way home. I can’t help but enter the Mumuso Korea store again and pick some items. In today’s haul, I got (2) items. Yes, just two. Here are the items that I got: Royal Perfume in Red (₱99.00), and men’s socks (₱99.00). I limit myself into buying lots of stuff. A 2 or 3 may do. But more than that? Absolutely nah. The next time, I…

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Hey, Nikka

Over years, I have been seeing the same I don’t need another year to come seeing the same. I need something new. I have been sporting the same theme I figured to alter at some point in 2011. From that point forward, I never had a chance to change my blog’s theme again. 5 years is long enough. I am considering changing the look of my blog. I like it simple, minimal and section wide subject like Castiel Theme. I have not thought of a blog title yet that will speak to me as me. Perhaps, I will simply…

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Lessons Learned from Trekking Bomok-Od Falls

Trekking is not fun as you may see. It takes a lot of determination to reach the destination and complete the hike. Our recent trip to Bomok-Od Falls in Sagada made me realize that I pushed myself to the limits, both physically and mentally. I did not expect hardships along the way. It was the first time I realized how many other things I was capable of doing if only I tried. And I still have something to give even during moments I think I was too tired to go on. To be honest, trekking was that hard. You don’t need…

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