{Life Lately}When in Banaue-Sagada-Baguio

February 5, 2017

I rarely talk about what happened to me lately. What else could I do? I am extremely running out of blog posts ideas. So, here I am starting this Life Lately series. I hope I can keep this updated every Sunday.

Last week had been filled with Banaue-Sagada-Baguio travels with my officemates/friends/travel buddies. In this trip, I experienced lots of firsts.

I experienced my first travel disappointment. I planned take boyf in our trip and confirmed that he will come. Bags were already packed, travel package/fees were already paid. And boy, boyf suddenly got sick and cannot come anymore. I wasted Php2,360 in an instant.

Spelunking Sumaguing Cave wasn’t that fun. I had put so much effort not to slip on the rocks along our way down. I should have worn a sturdier sandals instead of the one I was wearing. But, it was a nice first caving experience.

Our trek to Bomok-Od Falls was tiring one. I pushed myself to my limit to reach Big Falls. Apparently, the payoff wasn’t that great. Lots of tourist were everywhere trying to get their photo. We can't get a nicer view of the falls without people around.

We surprised Ma’am Kath with a little unprepared birthday celebration. It was very impromptu. Another first.

I haven’t seen much of Sagada. I still have lots of items to strike out in my {Random Things} To Do in Sagada. I hope I can visit Sagada anytime soon.

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