{Thanks God for Life} December 2016

January 3, 2017

Thanks God for Life : December 2016

Summing up how my December 2016 went. December wasn’t that stressful compared to last year.

  1. Cheesy Cheese Pringles. I received one from Ma’am Tess. She never failed to amaze me. Last year, she gave us Toblerone.
  2. We had an impromptu reunion.  Some (Judy) didn’t make it. But nonetheless, I had another dose of memories with my relatives.
  3. The best Pastillas I ever tasted in my whole life. Thanks Ma’am Jo.
  4. Stubs for beers. If only they served chilled flavored beer,  I would have stayed a little longer and left drank.
  5. My girls in denim, all dolled up by Julia.
  6. These Original Cookie Sticks, I gave as a Christmas present.
  7. Thanks for the hearty treat Sam. Let’s do this every year.
  8. That Christmas tree, I dreamed of having in my own house.
  9. Hello Mom and Dad. Ended my year with my family.

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