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My 2014 Christmas Wish List

I can’t help but get so much excited about the holiday season because it is the time of the year (the BEST time of the year) I start making hints to my love ones (mom and dad if you are reading this) about what I’d like to receive this year (aside from Birthday Wish List) and start thinking about the stuffs I want to give my godchildren, friends and family and even myself. I’ve been working on my list and thinking about what I want to get for myself this Christmas. And it is growing daily as the big day (Christmas) is drawing closer. I am at this point of choosing between the stuff I need and want.

  1. Foldable bicycle
  2. Motex Label Maker and tape
  3. Fujifilm Instant Camera Instax 210
  4. G-Shock watch
  5. Canon EOS M
  6. A5 Filofax Malden in Aqua
  7. Memento Dew Drop Ink Pad.

For those who were asking for my Christmas wish list, here is an idea of what to give me. I occasionally make one to minimize the risk of lame gifts and to put all in good use. Remember the last time I received a used memory card?

All the items on my list are pretty fabulous despite of the price tags – very heartbreaking. Hoping a couple of these show up on Christmas.

What do you hope to find under your Christmas Tree?

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